ROKKYUU means Rock you.

ROKKYUU [roh-kyoo]
– noun

  1. Pronunciation of the Japanese numbers  六 roku (six) and 九 kyuu (nine). “69” when combined, for interesting connotations.
  2. From the Queen song, “We Will Rock You.” Often written as Arabic numerals by Japanese schoolgirls during taiiku-kai.

ROKKYUU Magazine is an independent, English-language visual kei publication that brings musicians from across the spectrum to a worldwide audience. Edgy and eclectic, vinyl-smooth and anachronistic, ROKKYUU covers the latest in visual music, life, and fashion.

ROKKYUU debuted in January of 2009 covering bands such as Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, festivals including V-Rock Fest 2009, and events like the Sixh. Fashion Show and Live.

Many describe the visual kei genre as ’80s glam meets rock alternative meets harpsichords from space. At ROKKYUU Magazine, we believe visual kei is a way of life, and there’s no doubt that aspects of the Japanese visual culture have penetrated Western pop culture. More and more Japanese bands are venturing across the Pacific to play alongside mainstream alternative bands and at conventions in the states and in Europe. And while you might not see VK bands in Rolling Stone or WHAT’s IN?, their popularity is on the rise.

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