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What is ROKKYUU Magazine?

ROKKYUU Magazine is an independent, English-language visual kei magazine that brings visual kei musicians from across the spectrum to a worldwide audience.

Who is behind ROKKYUU Magazine?

ROKKYUU Magazine is a publication of The Pessoa Group, LLC, which is headquartered in the USA. Our overseas team includes Editor in Chief Leela McMullen, Events Coordinator Diana Tome, Managing Editor Sarah Jones, and Fashion Editor Kate Havas, who are based in Tokyo and London.

What is ROKKYUU Magazine’s mission?

ROKKYUU covers the latest in visual music, life, and fashion from Japan. The magazine brings visual kei artists, such as DIR EN GREY, MUCC, Exist Trace, heidi. and Deathgaze, to overseas fans in Australia, Europe, and the United States, and follows fashion trends and brands popular in the genre.

What does ROKKYUU mean?

ROKKYUU [roh-kyoo] – noun

1. Pronunciation of the Japanese numbers  六 roku (six) and 九 kyuu (nine). “69” when combined, for interesting connotations.

2. From the Queen song, “We Will Rock You.” Often written as Arabic numerals by Japanese schoolgirls during taiiku-kai, implying the word “cool.”

Your website does not work Internet Explorer 6.

ROKKYUU Magazine’s website is optimized for modern browsers and does not support Internet Explorer 6. You should download one of the free modern browsers we support, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

How do I apply to write for ROKKYUU Magazine?

Send us some clips and apply to write for us.

Is there a mobile version of ROKKYUU Magazine?

Our website supports a wide range of devices including  iPhone, Android, and iPad. If you are using a modern touch phone, you can view a streamlined version of our site designed for devices with limited bandwidth. Tablet devices are compatible with the desktop version of our site, and you have access to the full website. Blackberries and some Windows phones are not supported.

The ROKKYUU TV Videos won’t load!

ROKYUU TV uses an HTML5 player to play videos. If you have an older browser, make sure that you have the Flash Player installed, otherwise you will get a black screen.

Who holds the rights to the images posted here?

Most images hosted on ROKKYUU Magazine are the intellectual property of their respective copyright holders. We believe using reduced-size images of band photos in our band section (and throughout the site) qualifies as fair use under US copyright law. All other images we use throughout the site are photos obtained via the Creative Commons (where indicated), and in these cases we attribute the copyright holder according to the terms of the CC license. Please review our Terms of Service for more information about our policies regarding copyright claims made under the DMCA.

How do I advertise on ROKKYUU Magazine?

ROKKYUU Magazine entertains a wide range of advertising inquiries and is actively seeking partnerships with promotion companies and brands. Please contact us for more information, read more about advertising opportunities on our website, or visit our Media Kit.