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ROKKYUU debuted in January of 2009, covering bands like Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, festivals like V-Rock Fest 2009, and events like the Sixh. Fashion Show and Live. The goal of ROKKYUU Magazine is to provide an independent voice for fans of the genre, run by the fans. Because ROKKYUU Magazine is not owned by a promotion company or beholden to the music industry, the magazine is able to provide unbiased reviews, live reports, and interviews of the bands fans know and love.

ROKKYUU Magazine focuses on visual music, life, and fashion of the genre. More than anything else, ROKKYUU Magazine is about the fashion and music of visual rock. The all-out visual look of bands like the GazettE or Nightmare define the genre with elaborate outfits that harken back to the days of KISS and glam rock. In a Japan full of designer labels and brands, fashion rules visual kei.

Visual kei band ReivieЯ, from official website

Editorial Team

ROKKYUU‘s team includes numerous freelance writers and photographers who contribute to the magazine across four continents. The magazine’s editorial staff is headed by Editor in Chief Leela McMullen, Events Coordinator Diana Tome, Managing Editor Sarah Jones, and Fashion Editor Kate Havas. The magazine was founded by digital publisher D.J. Quinn.

Meet the rest of ROKKYUU’s contributors.

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