ROKKYUU's readers listen to artists you won't necessarily find on the major charts. They represent fans of a deep niche within Japanese rock—called visual kei—and the audience is devoted, targeted, and growing in Japan and overseas.

Visual rock culture is on the rise.

More and more Japanese bands are venturing across the Pacific to play in the states and worldwide.

Head Phones President

Pacific Media Expo is launched by one of the founders of Anime Expo, which will later host bands such as TM Revolution, Psycho le Cému, UchuSentai NOIZ, LiN CLOVER, Head Phones President, and more.

L'Arc en Ciel

L'Arc~en~Ciel plays the 1st Mariners Arena in Baltimore to an audience of 12,000the same number of people that would show up to a Rolling Stones concert only a year later! The event is hosted by the East Coast's largest anime convention, Otakon.

Psycho le Cemu

Psycho le Cému play the Psycho-ology Tour at anime conventions Katsucon, MegaCon, and A-Kon across the US. Meanwhile, DIR EN GREY's US release of Withering to Death sells 19,000 copies. the Pillows play their first concert in the US at SXSW Festival, with shows in California and New York later in the year.


ELLEGARDEN play their first US concert at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. SXSW Festival celebrates its 10th consecutive year of bringing Japanese artists to the US. The eight shows in March are followed by a 54-stop tour in the fall, which features US band Allister in the first half. In November, DIR EN GREY embark on their second US tour, joining The Family Values Tour alongside US bands Korn, The Deftones, Stonesour, Flyleaf, 10 Years, and Deadsy. The Pillows return to the US to do a handful of solo shows for their album, My Foot. MUCC play at East Coast anime convention Otakon, their first US show following a successful European debut.


In May, Anna Tsuchiya and S.K.I.N. play to a full house at the Long Beach Arena in conjunction with Anime Expo in Anaheim, California. In July, J-Rock pioneer YOSHIKI holds the First J-Rock Revolution in Los Angeles, a three day music festival that sells out and has fans lining up days in advance to be first in the door. The event features artists such as Duel Jewel, Kaggra,, MUCC, alice nine., and more. Meanwhile, DIR EN GREY's US release of Marrow of a Bone sells 29,000 copies.


In March, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE open for Boston Celtic punk band, the Dropkick Murphys, for several shows in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, the Cherry Coke$ join Flogging Molly on the Green 17 Tour. In May, Miyavi plays four sold out shows at the Avalon in California, as part of his THIS IZ JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK TOUR. In November, DIR EN GREY embarks on their third US tour, The Rose Trims Again, visiting 20 US cities and two in Canada. The event is sponsored by Revolver Magazine and Hot Topic.


In October, ROKKYUU Magazine attends the world's first and largest visual rock festival in history: V-Rock Festival 2009. The two-day spectacle takes place at the Makuhari Messe, home to such events as Tokyo Game Show, Jump Festa, and Tokyo Motor Show. Over fifty visual bands perform, including Marilyn Manson. ROKKYUU interviews Exist Trace and the Versailles Philharmonic Quartet during the event.


In August, X-Japan plays for two days at Yokohama Stadium, one of the biggest venues in Japan, as part of their Midsummer Night world tour. They then make their U.S debut at Lollapalooza in Chicago, taking America by storm with a North American tour that included shows in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, and New York City. In October, Miyavi makes his down-under debut at the One Movement Showcase and Festival in Perth, Australia. In December, the GazettE rocks the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome, the largest concert hall in Japan, for the finale to their Nameless Liberty Six Bullets tour. Luna Sea performs three full-capacity performances at the arena during their 20th Anniversary World Tour Reboot: on the last day, out of half-a-million applicants, 50,000 are randomly chosen to attend.


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