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Welcome to ROKKYUU Magazine’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Contest!

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We welcome your feedback and hope for your full participation in the survey. Thank you for your support over the last three years and good luck in the draw!

To see pictures of the prizes, visit our blog post about the contest.


  1. Acryl Bones – T-shirt (x1)
  2. Duel Jewel – Signed T-shirt (x1)
  3. girugamesh – Signed Coin Case (not for sale) (x3)
  4. hide – hide Plush Toy (x2)
  5. METEOROID – Signed, sold out single: DIVER (x1)
  6. METEOROID – Newly designed towel (x1)
  7. Moran – Signed Photo Pack (set of five – new item) (x1)
  8. Moran – Signed Poster (not for sale – new image) (x1)
  9. MU: – Signed “Cheki” folder (Polaroid folder (x1)
  10. MU: – Livehouse limited Acoustic MU vol.2 – signed (x1)
  11. MU: – Livehouse limited Electric MU vol.3 – signed (x1)
  12. MU: – Shu-shu (hair-band) (x1)
  13. MU: – Mu no Akashi (Certificate as a member of MU) (x1)
  14. NINJAMAN JAPAN – Mini album Shou complete with all 6 interchangeable jackets photos, signed (not for sale) (x3)
  15. THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S – Signed Plastic Folders (x5)

As entry is limited to once per subscriber, you may only fill out the entry form once so choose carefully. Thank you for your co-operation.