Anime Matsuri 2014 Summed Up


by Leela McMullen, haley.marinovich, posted August 18, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014 was a hotspot for Japanese fashion, culture, and Music. Some of the fashion guests included designers Masumi Kano of BABY the Stars Shine Bright and Shunsuke Hasegawa of Putumayo, as well as the popular models Misako, Midori, Yui, and AKIRA. Meanwhile, on the music side of Japanese pop culture, guests NIGHTMARE really gave the event a boost.

Naturally, people from all over the United States gathered at the convention, donning brands like BABY the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Putumayo, Angelic Pretty, and many more. Most common were those wearing beautiful lolita coordinates, but of course those wearing dansou and ouji were present, as well.

As a featured guest, popular visual kei band NIGHTMARE attended Anime Matsuri 2014, marking their first time to perform in the USA. Participating in a variety of events, the band’s schedule included a panel, an autograph session, and a photo op with attendees. For NIGHTMARE fans, it was surely a time to cherish. Their concert was, as expected, energetic and memorable.

Overall, Anime Matsuri was a whirlwind of events, featuring renowned guests from Japan in both fashion and music. Even though not everything went according to schedule, the opportunity to meet such vaunted designers and to experience NIGHTMARE’s performance was surely worth it.

Leela McMullen is a strong believer in the philosophy "no music, no life." Having traversed the range of Japanese fandoms, she found her home at last in visual kei and has made it her mission to share what she loves most with the world. Leela completed her B.A. in Japanese language from Griffith University in Gold Coast Australia. She now lives and works in Japan, striving to bring you the goods, hot from the scene. Follow her on twitter for juicy hints of upcoming articles if you've got a bit of Japanese language under your belt!!/LeelaInTokyo

Haley Marinovich first became interested in visual kei when she was in junior high, particularly in artists like Miyavi. After working as an overseas manager for a band in Osaka, she decided that she wanted to devote much of her time to promoting artists and helping bridge the gap between them and overseas fans.

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