HANGRY&ANGRY Show Fall and Halloween Looks


by Kate Havas, chi.yow, posted September 25, 2013

HANGRY&ANGRY took an inventive approach to their fall fashion show on September 14, displaying their looks in the form of a short play that had the title characters searching for the perfect outfit to wear for a Halloween fashion contest in order to win the top prize: a tasty brain cake. The h.NAOTO Plus store was transformed into a dark woodland by cardboard cutouts of trees and bats.

Hangry and Angry popped out from behind the curtains, each wearing outfits based around the t-shirts and bags of their respective characters. The similarity of the outfits sent Angry into a rage as she chased Hangry offstage with a giant pair of (fortunately fake) scissors. Hangry quickly returned alone in a change of clothes, a yellow character-print outfit with a bear design on the back.

“This parka is so cute!” she told the crowd, showing off the paw and head designs that gave the appearance of wearing a costume. She then swapped out with Angry who came out lamenting, “I have no clothes for the contest but anything I wear looks cute on me! Look at this knit dress!” She turned, showing the comfortable cotton fabric with an oversized graphic of Angry’s head. “It’s so big! It will be nice and loose on anyone!”

When Hangry came out in the Hangry-face version of the same outfit, however, Angry’s good mood fled. She tore the knit off of Hangry, only to reveal the other girl wearing a shirt proclaiming “Angry is an idiot” and a saucy faux-fur trimmed underskirt.

The pair then began a runaround chase that sent them and their different looks out in turn. Hangry showed off a youthful look in polka-dotted sailor-suit style jacket with cat ears attached paired with paw-print pocket shorts, followed by Angry in a more avant-garde ensemble that had voluminous white pillows sewn to it. She held up her bag, which was a headless cat. “I didn’t need my head so I threw it out!” she tittered as she showed off the macabre creation.

“Organs and plaid” was the proclaimed theme of the fall collection, and both girls showed clothes with examples stressing the theme. It would have been easy to mistake some of the “organs” for elaborate ruffles, so Angry took care to point out that the flowing ropes of material attached to the skirts weren’t pretty decorations at all—they were intestines. The patchwork touches and mixed fabrics that have been a staple of the HANGRY&ANGRY designs for the past year also showed up in many of the looks, indicating that designer Gashicon’s interest in recycled fabric and texture combination hasn’t flagged.

Being a fall show, the emphasis was decidedly on pieces that were loose, long-sleeved, and layered. The characters were naturally evident in these sweatshirts and jackets but in ways designed to surprise—such as a doll’s head sewn seemingly randomly to a jacket sleeve, or massive stoles ending in paw-shaped pockets for hands. The shorter skirts and shorts were paired with seasonally appropriate and often gory tights, the blood spattered legs practically requiring a second look. By the end of the show, Hangry and Angry had finally caught up to each other, but in their running around they had neglected the most important point—actually choosing clothes for the contest.

“I won’t lose to you!” Angry proclaimed haughtily as the curtain drew on their play and Gashicon came out to take a bow. The designer had her hair teased and sprayed into devil horns to celebrate the Halloween-themed production.

“I’ve done fashion shows but today I wanted to really show you the HANGRY&ANGRY world,” she told the crowd. “It was our first time to do a show like this, so I worried a lot, but it ended up even better than I expected!” After giving her thanks, she encouraged the fans to stick around to purchase the items that had caught their eye. No doubt everyone will want to get a little of the cute and creepy look for themselves as Halloween draws close—even if they aren’t vying for a brain cake.

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