Harajuku Fashion Walk #19


by chi.yow, posted October 17, 2013

There were comments of the afternoon being warmer than expected after the previous day had been relatively chilly but, of course, that did not stop this group of fashion enthusiasts from having fun and posing for all of the cameras around the colourful troupe at the 19th Harajuku Fashion Walk. Before the walk even officially began, there were already crowds of photographers—professional as well as the amateur passersby—eagerly snapping up photos of the predominately female crowd. Some had already known of the event while others were taken by delightful surprise, whipping out their smartphones and iPads to capture what they could.

After the initial group photo was taken next to the Takeshita Street exit of Harajuku station, the procession began its usual wander up to Omotesando with a brief stop to wait for the unlucky few who were cut off at the large intersection with Meiji Street before weaving through smaller side-streets including the quaint Harajuku Street. They continued to draw the attention of many strolling between the shops that were passed before taking the obligatory photo and rest stop.

The playful atmosphere was filled with light chatter that generally consisted of exchanges of info such as where accessories had been purchased as well as overall compliments of coordinates. Regulars would also greet each other with “Long time no see!” and “I love your outfit for today. It’s so different from your previous one!” or “This really suits you!” A few especially energetic participants would dash around between the different groups, striking a number of poses—at times spontaneously and at times upon photographer request.

As usual, there were no restrictions on style, and this month’s gathering hosted a variety of styles that included frilly lolita, dark punk, and eye-catching pastel creations. Nor was age an issue, with even a small family with two energetic children joining in this parade which represented the free spirit of Harajuku.

Once everyone had their fill of photo-snaps and exchanges, it was back to the Meiji Jingu Bridge for the traditional ending group photo which once again drew quite the crowd of curious spectators—most of whom seemed to want in on the group photo as well.

With another Fashion Walk successfully completed, organizer Jyunyan thanked all the participants for their time and beautiful style and hoped everyone would be able to attend the next Fashion Walk planned for November 24.

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