Harajuku Fashion Walk #20 Adds Splashes of Color to the Upcoming Winter


by chi.yow, posted December 20, 2013

A reasonably warm autumn day brought people of all ages to the 20th Harajuku Fashion Walk, making for the perfect environment for a variety of layered coordinates to be worn. The majority of the crowd were veterans of the event and the younger generation were also joined by a few children of stylishly dressed parents as well as older individuals. Pastel creations were clearly in fashion, with some neon highlights scattered amongst the crowd as well as an assortment of darker and gothic styles—including a particularly popular and highly detailed gothic steampunk coordinate.

Once again gaining the attention of many bystanders as the group casually strolled through the streets of Harajuku, the troupe had a surprise encounter with a group of sweet lolitas advertising the opening of a shop along the route. Quick photos were playfully exchanged before each party continued about their business.

During the mid-point photo stop, someone’s dog decided that it wanted in on the group photo as well—or at least wanted pets and cuddles that some were happy to provide. As participants exchanged snaps and poses and the occasional fashion accessory information, other passersby gathered their courage to request photos with a few of the energetic individuals.

Then it was off to Meiji Jingu Bridge for the final group photo, after which organizer Junnyan was prompted to give a speech in order to commemorate the 20th Walk. Junnyan gave thanks to all of the participants—newcomers as well as regulars—before announcing the next Harajuku Fashion Walk will take place on January 26. If anyone happens to be in the Tokyo area at that time and would like to participate in this fashion event, reservations are not needed. Just dress up in your favorite style, meet at the Takeshita exit of Harajuku station at 2pm, and have fun with your fellow fashion enthusiasts!

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