MINTNEKO Fashion Show at h.NAOTO+Harajuku Store


by Jenny, posted March 19, 2012

On February 11 there was a long line in front of the h.NAOTO+ Harajuku store waiting for the Mint Neko fashion show.

Hirooka Naoto himself and fellow Sixh. Designer, Ibi welcomed customers at the first floor entrance. Complimentary drinks were offered in the bar section out back while up on the second floor, a cute, life-sized MINTNEKO mascot entertained the customers. At the top of the catwalk, a camera was set up to film the live broadcast for U-Stream.

When all was ready, the music began and one by one the models came up the stairs. The special guest models for the event were MIKI from Mix Speaker’s, inc., Teruki from An Cafe, and Mint himself.

The artistic geometries of the cool eye make-up gave the impression of dripping paint. Their brightly colored hairstyles featured plenty of decoration: Teruki’s was stuck through with metallic stars and the other girls wore pink and blue wigs decorated with canvas.

A companion cat character represented in most of the outfits complemented the MINTNEKO main character. The collection presented a mix of simple, comfortable, and sometimes eccentric styles. Large pants, long t-shirts, sandals, and sneakers gave the feeling of comfortable clothes to be worn on everyday excursions. Fashion remiscient of traditional Japanese garb, such as ninja-style geta or pants, were present in some garments.

The predominant color in the collection was black mixed with fuchsia, white, acid yellow, and orange. The collection also featured some plaid print and most of the garments came with special accessories like anklets and small neko (cat) bags.

The show lasted 30 minutes; afterwards, MINT gave a speech thanking the customers and each guests shared a word as well. Special thanks went to Ibi who helped to organize the event. Together, MINT and IBI greeted the customers and helped with the selection of clothes to pre-order while they had the chance.

The MINT NEKO fashion show can be watched on the offical MINT NEKO Facebook page. The video is also available on Sixh’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out!

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