THE END OF Sixh., Dissolution Party Photo Report


by Leela McMullen, posted July 13, 2014

Having decided that it is time to move on from his first big success, IBI put Sixh. to rest with a party that incorporated a fashion show with some fun collaborations from other Kincs designers, a final concert for the Sixh. band, and a shocking surprise for fans. The cozy venue, doop Tokyo, provided an atmospheric setting where the crowd could mingle whilst drinking and partaking of snacks, all the while keeping their eyes on the stage.

The fashion show and following performance by IBI and MINT kicked off the event with some stunning co-ordinates and all of the crowd’s favorite Sixh. songs. IBI even brought out his infamous sword one last time.

Continuing the live performances, Kincs designers NAOTO (h.NAOTO/dance), Z8 (GRAMM/keyboard), and GASHICON (HANGRY AND ANGRY) joined the unit for a session. Following on, they introduced their various collaborations with Sixh., including GASHICON’s popular IBIgry and a gorgeous gouk collab presented by T.Kunitomo. and modelled by MINT.

There was one last surprise to come, however. After enjoying the atmosphere of the bar and perhaps engaging the wandering IBI in conversation, the crowd turned their eyes to the stage once more where the designer himself took a huge leap towards a new future. Fans held their breath anxiously as NAOTO brandished a pair of scissors to make the first cut to IBI’s iconic long hair and each of his fellow designers took a turn to shear off some of the mane. IBI then took a short leave of absence, returning from a nearby hair dressers with a fresh new look!

IBI is turning over some ideas for his next move but in the meantime, you can catch him at the h.NAOTO PLUS store in Harajuku which he manages. Some Sixh. items remain on sale for those who wish to grab up some final products from the beloved brand.

Check the gallery for a closer look at the photos!

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  1. what wonderful about the party,I hope Ican take part next time