Awoi, LIQUID ROOM Overlords

by Kate Havas, Yuliya Libkina, posted February 23, 2014

Awoi did an admirable job of filling out their biggest venue yet for their tour final on January 12 at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM. The band set a dark atmosphere from the start with tolling church bells and blinding red lights. “Are you ready?” vocalist Otogi growled. “Give us everything you’ve got!”

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Kate Havas first became interested in Japanese fashion and culture in college when manga, anime, and visual kei were just beginning to make their way to America. An art and English major with a love of clothes, Kate signed onto ROKKYUU in order cover fashion and report on Tokyo trends, but was quickly also recruited to the music side of things and has been having an adventure expanding her knowledge of all things VK since. Follow her on twitter at keito_kate!

@YuliyaPhoTop (Twitter) Yuliya is originally a fashion and portrait photographer with a BA from the London College of Fashion. Being a Japanophile with a passion for the Japanese rock scene and especially for old school visual kei, she moved to Japan where she found a chance to combine photography and music with ROKKYUU's help. Now she is based in Tokyo, where she keeps on rocking and shooting, enjoying every bit of it.

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