by chi.yow, posted April 9, 2015

One of the newer visual kei management offices located in Osaka, KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT has been organizing a number of event lives to promote their own bands, as well as others throughout the country. ONE SHOT ONE KILL is one such event that is part of a continuing series, usually featuring at least one or two of their bands alongside various guests that can vary per hosting city. For ‘ONE SHOT ONE KILL date:3 [OSAKA]’, Namba ROCKETS was visited by fans of Mebius, Purple Stone, FoLLoW, UnRealistic, BASH!, Synk;yet, and XENON. Each band brought their own style and power to the event, however, this report will only cover the KERBEROS bands, FoLLoW and BASH! Also, be sure to check out the following e-mail interviews each band took the time to answer!

Read the original article, FoLLoW and BASH! at ONE SHOT ONE KILL date:3 [OSAKA].

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Chi’s interest in visual kei stems from her love of art. The unique aesthetics in combination with the wide range of musical styles within the genre have been what has kept her interest in the visual kei scene for over a decade. The main image her friends and classmates have of her is with a camera in hand, face behind the viewfinder or screen. This image is also occasionally combined with memories of running around her to avoid getting into her panorama shots.

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