ADAPTER 3rd Year Anniversary-enishi- ADAPTER vs Hitori-ADAPTER

Live Report

by Kate Havas, Mio Nagasaki, posted May 18, 2012

ADAPTER。 kicked off a series of twoman shows celebrating their third anniversary with ADAPTER。vs Hitori-ADAPTER。 (frontman Fukusuke’s solo work) at Shibuya BOXX on May 5. The vocalist admitted after emerging with a Japanese parasol and clad in a kimono robe bedazzled with gold sequins: “Did you know today is my twoman? That means even more songs than a oneman. I actually just realized this yesterday, and my throat is already in bad shape!”


Fukusuke opened the show by getting his DJ on, adding in rough beats and skips to the intro of “Fighting Road” before bounding into the club track. Flashing lights added to the discotheque feel and the audience danced until Fukusuke suddenly missed the lyrics. “It’s my new arrangement!” he laughed as he waved off the mistake. The opening numbers displayed quite a range, from the dark electro groove of “Boku no Uso ni Damasereta” to the poppy and sweet game-music inspired “Kanpeki Hitoribochi.”

“Can you get wild? Like monkeys?” The fans happily swung their arms and did the monkey dance back and forth across the livehouse floor for “Happy Round.”

“When I was in junior high school, my first, no, my second love, gave me an Ayumi Nakamura tape, so I love her husky voice. Now I can do a cover of ‘Tsubasa no Oreta Angel.’” He sang a few opening notes sans vocoder, showing that his voice was indeed pretty ragged. “Normal people would say if your throat hurts, don’t do that, but I won’t back down! Look, I’ve even got throat lozenges. I’m a pro so I can use them while I sing. They’re effective but disgustingly bitter…even if I can’t sing, I’m not going to cut even one song! I’m a DJ too, so if all else fails I’ll just do that. I’m really happy that even though it’s Golden Week and you had so many places you could go you chose to come here. What, am I talking too much? Maybe you know, but when it’s just me, I want to talk, the music is secondary. Then for ADAPTER。, it’s all music!” He then explained that next he was going to do covers, starting with a cover of “Yubisaki to Kuchibiru.” The song was more j-rock than the usual ADAPTER。fare, and though the cover was interesting, the disjointed melody was hard to move to.

“Those lyrics are all negative. Surprisingly, I can sing negative songs too. Next, from Crush 2, my “Cascade” cover. Do you know it?” The audience was silent. “You don’t know it? Huh? Do you even know who I am? Why are you here then? You’re wasting three hours!” He sung the first bit of “FLOWERS OF ROMANCE,” gesturing to the crowd. “You at least know how it goes, right? In the video they all had sunflowers to wave, I trust you all brought yours? If not, I’ll wait while you run over to Tokyu Hands.” The crowd looked to each other, perplexed, as Fukusuke began the song,done teasing his fans at last. Instead of sunflowers they waved their hands to the chirpy, beep-filled cover, orange light creating a warm glow on the stage.

“Lovely! I first heard that song a long time ago, so being allowed to sing it myself gets me really pumped. My last cover came about recently. Very recently, as in like three days ago. You all know hide, right? His company asked for people to cover “Rocket Dive.” I was surprised that not a lot of people participated, so today I want to do it. During rehearsal, I tried to play my guitar with it, but it was too hard. But watch hide’s live videos, he doesn’t play guitar for Rocket Dive either!”

Still, when a roadie brought him a guitar, he put it on.  “I guess I can see how it goes.” The fans cheered, and Fukusuke began his cool and enthusiastic cover, complete with skillful guitar accompaniment. “That was really fun, thank you! Next, I have a new song. You should
probably imagine the band here with me. It’s high tempo, and I haven’t set any movements, so I leave it to you. Though if you don’t like it, I guess you won’t dance at all.”

To help the audience picture the band, Fukusuke showed off his air guitar and air drumming skills throughout the rollicking intro of “Yasashisa no Daishoubu.” “That was cool, right? Would you want to hear it again? If you don’t, please send me a message after the show so I know who didn’t like it.” He narrowed his eyes in mock threat, prompting the fans to exclaim he was “scary!” “I am a spare prick” was a bit scary as well, opening with measured beats, distorted voices, and the distinctive whirr of broken electronics. The vocoder was tuned to robot mode, making the lyrics almost unintelligible as Fukusuke moved like a bunraku puppet on the stage. “Suiron Kikoku” finished the set on a bright note, picking the mood back up as Fukusuke played guitar and sang. “That was Hitori-ADAPTER。, thank you!” he waved as the crowd settled back to wait for his return.

Set List:

  1. Fighting Road
  2. Boku no Uso ni Damasareta
  3. Kanpeki Hittoribochi
  4. Happy Round
  5. Song for you
  6. Yubisaki to Kuchibiru (Cover)
  8. ROCKET DIVE (Cover)
  9. Yasashisa no Daishobu
  10. I am a spare prick
  11. She is a liar 2
  12. Suiron Kikoku


8-bit game music played as Fukusuke re-emerged with his support members, drummer Fuji and guitarist Shin. He flashed the crowd a wink and a thumbs up as they began the Japanese-electronica hybrid, “Boku no Ibasho.” The audience was quick to wake up after the break, bouncing with the bubbly beats.

“I sing for you and for me,” Fukusuke said as they began “Please, Please, You.” The crowd raised their hands as Fukusuke jumped around and acted out the lyrics. Despite not having much of a voice left, he was clearly having a blast. He continued his showmanship in “Start Line,” the number opening with a trill of bleeps like a gamer racking up a multi-hit combo. The audience thrashed as heavier bass blended into the mix, making the song an over-the-top free-for-all.

The mood changed for “Location” as a soft lullaby tune came through the speakers and Fukusuke sang with an unsettlingly intense smile. “I love you!” he called before the song picked up to its real tempo, swingy and bright. The number was a touch boy-bandish in its affectionate pop tone, ending with an electronic purr.

Fukusuke took a moment to introduce his support members. “On drums, Fuji!” The drummer began to play a quick and fun drum solo as the fans called his name. “Now, drum solo!” Fuji, already mid-solo, gave Fukusuke a quizzical look. “Guitar, Shin-chan!” Shin picked up a smooth guitar groove that lead Fukusuke to chide, “Your solos never match what the rest of us are doing! And there’s me, Fukusuke.” He played his own guitar solo with electronic accompaniment. “We’re ADAPTER。. Enjoy!”

Question” resembled classic visual kei with hard-rocking sound and dramatic gestures. The heaviness continued with “Maemuki Shikou Gaku” as Fukusuke lead fans in violent fist pumping. The song had punk flair as the vocalist strutted and crouched on the stage.

The frontman then had an exciting announcement, his first performance abroad at Canada’s Anime North. “It’s my first passport! But since I’m getting one I don’t want to stop at Canada, I want to fill it with stamps. This next song is the reason I was invited to the convention. Please listen.”

Adeosu。” is the theme from the anime Brave10, and a mix of everything ADAPTER: traditional Japanese dance music, electronic riffs, and rock. Fukusuke finished with a big scream. “Can you keep going?” he called before the intense “Try Again.”

“Last! You know how to do this one.” He lead fans through the motions of “Boku no LIFE,” with gestures for “hello/thank you/sorry/I love you ” in rapid turn. By this point, his voice was gone but the crowd was responsive, jumping and gesturing along with the band. “Thank you! We’re ADAPTER。!” He grabbed his guitar to finish with a strong note before exiting.

The encore was soon in coming. “Enjoying the holiday? Have I helped you enjoy it? I did twelve songs in the first half and thirteen songs in the second, that’s twenty-five songs! No more songs!” The crowd let out a yell of protest, and Fukusuke laughed. “You guys are onto me. By the way, you may notice I haven’t been taking the throat meds. I switched to booze.” Not so for Fuji, who came out with a bottle of coke. “It’s beer,” he said, unconvincingly. Fukusuke gestured to the drink. “He tries to pretend like he’s wild, but he’s totally not.”

“Listen to this song and get ready to go back to work! It’s the first step.” “Ganbatte, ganbatte” an electronic voice over intoned for the rousing “Hajime no Ippou.” The encouraging lyrics and upbeat feel make it the kind of song you want to listen to to wake up in the morning or at the gym. “Come on! More! Do it!” Fukusuke used his gravelly voice to his advantage, encouraging the crowd till the very end.

“That was ADAPTER。! There’s only a little Golden Week left, but enjoy it!” After such an energetic show, no doubt the fans enjoyed the last bit of rest before the end of the holidays?

For those in Canada, don’t miss your chance to see ADAPTER。 at Anime North! The show will take place on May 26, 7pm, at the Toronto Congress Center Hall C. For details check the Anime North homepage!

Set List

  1. Boku no Ibasho
  2. Boku no Koe
  3. Please Please You
  4. Start Line
  5. Location
  6. Conviction
  7. Opponent of gentleness
  8. Question
  9. Maemuki Shikou Gaku
  10. Final answer
  11. Adeosu。
  12. Try again
  13. Boku no LIFE


  1. Hajime no Ippou

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Kate Havas first became interested in Japanese fashion and culture in college when manga, anime, and visual kei were just beginning to make their way to America. An art and English major with a love of clothes, Kate signed onto ROKKYUU in order cover fashion and report on Tokyo trends, but was quickly also recruited to the music side of things and has been having an adventure expanding her knowledge of all things VK since. Follow her on twitter at keito_kate!

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

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