BIOSPHIA kicks off their 3rd Anniversary in Osaka

Live Report

by chi.yow, posted August 13, 2014

In celebration of their third anniversary together, BIOSPHIA assembled fans at OSAKA MUSE on May 10 with Kyoubi -kyoujitsu- Osaka. This show was a part of a Tokyo-Osaka series of event lives that also gathered other talented bands to partake in the festivity. For Osaka, the invited bands were A&D, AUBE, Belmosaic, MoNoLith, and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. Although the night was long because of the extensive line-up, when the headlining band took the stage, the floor was still filled with fans eager to receive the barrage of energy the band put out.

Starting the set off with the aggressive “Gou -karma-,” vocalist Naru quickly worked the crowd into a frenzy with the aid of guitarists Reki and May as their heavy guitar-work had the crowd immediately pumping their fists and headbanging away. Drummer Shion kept a demanding pace as bassist Yuki picked a solid bass line to back it up. “Get ready to die!” That was the only warning Naru gave as the show continued with the dark and commanding “Lady.” For this number, the vocalist switched between a more melodic style of singing to all-out screaming and growling. He was especially relentless with the amount of headbanging he called for from the attendees, crouching with legs spread to give an example when he wasn’t shrilly growling into the mic. Of course, this manner didn’t change with the following “Shokuzai.” In fact, the demands only increased with the tempo as the song opened with a series of guttural growls before taking off with Shion’s rapid playing. Reki, May, and Yuki gathered at the center of the stage to fire off a barrage of chords before returning the spot to Haru who was insistent in the various choreography for the destructive tune as fans quickly worked their way to earning sore necks and arms.

“Call out some more, Osaka! Keep calling! We are BIOSPHIA!” Naru continued to encouraged the crowd to scream out to show that they still had the energy to keep going before thanking everyone for their support from the last three years of the band’s existence. “For giving us the power to keep going, thank you very much! And now, let’s hear from bassist Yuki. Please listen.”

“Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming, today!” Yuki greeted everyone warmly, following up with exciting announcements of a new single to be released in the summer and an upcoming oneman show in Osaka. “I don’t really have much else to say but please continue to treat us well!”

“And so, with that feeling, I’d like to present the song that started our roughly three-year journey. Please listen to ‘REVOLT.’” Naru gave a delightful surprise to the fans as he started in acapella style, alone in the spotlight, before the others burst in, quickly riling up the crowd once more. The vocalist once more showed that he was able to switch between various vocal techniques, half-rapping the occasional line. Yuki reached out to the crowd on occasion as if to give encouragement to keep doing their best in the face of the band’s draining set when he wasn’t picking at his bass strings with a look of concentration. Next, Naru beckoned for a round of clapping before sending everyone from side to side in the intro of “Against.” Meanwhile, Yuki fiercely plucked away at his strings, the bass line a strong, marked presence amidst the chaos caused by the fast pace as Naru continued to screech out orders.

“Last song!” Naru called before “CORTEGE” brought on another storm of violent headbanging as the vocalist fiercely growled and shouted amidst the overpowering guitars and drums. Yuki and Reki had a small face-off at stage right before exchanging a quick high-five—a sight difficult to see courtesy of the rapidly strobing lights, or if one was completely caught up in the chaos of the floor. “Are you still having fun? Let’s die together!” Naru called before the finishing round of headbanging brought the main show to a frantic and almost literally neck-breaking end.

The encore calls were immediate, with the band returning swiftly to give their thanks and share a few words on the celebration of their third anniversary. May was the first to give his thoughts and thank the crowd for the encore request, stumbling a bit over his words in his excitement but conveying his message clearly. “This is BIOSPHIA’s 3rd anniversary. So many things have happened in those years but with the best feelings received from today’s lives, we’ll keep doing our best. Next, let’s hear from Yuki!”

“I’m not really one to speak much, so I don’t know why I’m speaking but from here on, I will also [keep doing my best] and… Thank you! And that’s it,” the bassist finished with a nervous chuckle before passing the microphone over to “Ouji (prince),” otherwise known as Shion.

“I’m the drummer, Ouji.” The mock introduction, delivered with a touch of keigo (formal Japanese), brought a few giggles from the audience. “Everyone, thank you for being here. Today, we invited Nocturnal Bloodlust and they really got the crowd going. Is everyone okay?” After receiving a number of spirited cheers, Shion then continued to thank everyone for attending. “It’s our 3rd anniversary. Thank you for the encore call. It’s been really fun so let’s keep rampaging until the end! Since everyone is doing so well, let’s go on together, ok?”

Guitarist Reki bashfully stepped up to share his words of gratitude as well as some reflections. “Once more, thank you for coming to today’s third anniversary show. This year, every year, we have at least one oneman show, and I usually don’t have many words to share, but I’ll keep putting forth my efforts at MAX levels. I want to share more great things and words with you, so please continue to treat us well.”

Naru wrapped up the individual emcees with a comment on the venue itself. “As for me, I think that a great venue is part of a band’s life, and MUSE is one of them since it has a lot of good points. One of them is that, for every band who has played here, it can be hard to contain the tears that can appear at the end of the show. It’s an amazing situation that happens. Anyway, our motivation is high starting out for our third anniversary year so please continue to support us!”

“Let’s keep going!” Naru shouted as Shion and Yuki powered into “Haken Kreuz,” the rowdy crowd reacting readily to the cues the band members gave to thrash about; surprisingly no-one smashing heads amid the escalating ferocity. Naru’s powerful vocals beckoned for the fans to reach even higher as they jumped to the beat, Yuki providing a solid and prominent bass line throughout. With a last call for “Heads!” “Kakusei” set off the final headbang-fest, starting with a long scream from Naru and continuing as May and Reki fired off a multitude of heavy guitar lines. Reki threw in a keening guitar solo with some sexy flourishes to the great approval and enthusiasm of the crowd and as the show barreled towards an explosive finish, Yuki ran about the stage to further rile up the fans, all while keeping the wild rhythm alongside Shion.

Although the set concluded there and most of the band left the stage after calling out their gratitude, Shion lingered to tease the crowd into continual calls of his name until he was satisfied before departing with a satisfied grin, giving his thanks to the receptive audience as he did. In response, a second encore call was initiated, although, regrettably, it could not be granted due to time constraints. However, BIOSPHIA fans have much to look forward to for this year, including a Tokyo side live event in connection to the third anniversary celebrations as well as a multitude of other shows around the country.

Set List

  1. Gou -karma-
  2. Lady.
  3. Shokuzai
  4. ~MC~
  6. Against



  1. Haken Kreuz
  2. Kakusei

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