Chanty 1st Anniversary Oneman, Chanty no Sekai

Live Report

by Maya Kawaguchi, Mio Nagasaki, posted December 19, 2014

Chanty held their 1st anniversary oneman at TSUTAYA O-WEST on September 16. The all-white costumes they had donned throughout their first year of activity were still fresh in the mind on that transformative day and what awaited the crowd was a night of fun and surprises; a glimpse of their 2nd year to come.

A white curtain hung in front of the stage and as the show started with “Kanadeiro,” the stage lights traced the silhouettes of the members upon it. Up above, the mirror ball rotated as the uplifting song gradually brought out a lively atmosphere, the fans waving their hands to the music. The curtain dropped to reveal the members in their vividly colorful new costumes during the melodious “flight,“ with vocalist Akuta warming up the audience and pumping his fist as fans followed suit. The band continued with heavy tunes, steaming up the house with an intro courtesy of Nonaka Taku’s hefty bass kicking off “ALIVE.” Calls of “Oui! Oui! Oui!” devoured the venue as fists shot up into the air. Red lights flashed alarmingly as “Kimi to Batsu” took over the venue with a heavy yet melancholy fusion, rattling with drummer Naruto’s pacey beats and guitarist Chitose’s intoxicating riffs. Vocalist Akuta’s dramatic staging was well presented in this song.

“Welcome to Chanty!” Akuta greeted the crowd. “It is the first anniversary since our band was formed. Please enjoy the show. Let’s have fun tonight!” Applause arose from the audience and the band resumed with the jazzy “Sorayomi.” The pace picked up, inducing headbanging among the audience while Taku and guitarist Shia exchanged places and made a concerted effort to entertain the crowd. Akuta gave a shout for more volume from the audience and they answered back while their hands fluttered spiritedly to the racing tune. “Hidoi Kao” came next with Naruto’s dramatically struck beat leading the members to headbang. Chitose’s fingers raced upon the strings as he closed his eyes, savoring his guitar solo. Light scattered throughout the venue in the melodious “monorium” which became a powerful number as the audience concentrating fixedly on the stage, Akuta’s voice leaving a strong impression to give the song weight.

A guest keyboardist was welcomed to the ballad “Toaru Hoshizora no Shita” and the introductory keyboard accompanied Akuta’s vocals, hushing the crowd to silence. Gradually, the guitar strums grew stronger until vibrant vocals resounded through the venue. “Amakakeru” then brought an oriental taste, the keyboard arrangement making the song unique to that day. Instantaneously, the atmosphere changed with the new song “Otonari-san” which was presented live for the first time. To be released in December, this song had the fans’ fists up in the air as the members shouted out, encouraging the crowd to greater efforts. Akuta added his fist to the air as the upbeat song warmed the venue once again in preparation for the latter half of the set.

After a brief break, Akuta came back to the stage and readied the fans for heavier songs to come. Taking the mic, he shouted, “ 3,2,1!” and a burst of light enveloped the venue with alarming flashes of red following on. “C” put the crowed into a mosh from left to right as Akuta led the fans, blowing his whistle and pointing out the direction. Fists and heads flying amongst the crowd, the main part the floor swung their towels vibrantly to the fast music. With the band all gathered at the front of the stage, “Miss-unbalance” began, another energetic tune filled with continuous fist-pumping. Fans were in for some heavy bending in “Shougekiteki Shoujyo,” and band and fans both, the place steamed up with loads of jumping and headbanging. All shouted in unison in “Yannachau,” each member of Chanty fueling the furor as the crowd continuously moved their bodies to the music and swirling their towels in the air. Taku’s rumbling bass was particularly explosive.

The lights dimmed and Chitose took the mic. “We are able to stand on this stage which has been our goal for this year thanks to all of you here today. Thank you,” he said. Applause arose as Akuta took the mic to say, “Thank you for coming today. We’ve been doing—not something that is different but—something that we think is good and I am happy to see that so many people have followed us all this way. It is more than we expected and I feel thankful. Looking back at our first year, we were able to experience many things. Though there is always an end to every band, until then, I hope we can continue to bring all of you to a better place… Last song! Are you ready?”

Akuta fired up the crowd the moment the applause died down and the main set ended energetically with a song that Chanty have been playing since the beginning, “Owari no Hajimari.” Melodious yet heavy, the song had both stage and floor thrashing their heads to the racing rhythm. Once again, applause arose and the members were released from their instruments, leaving the stage with smiles on their faces.

Before the encore, a screen rolled down with announcements of the band’s 4th single Otonarisan coming up in December and a full album release scheduled for April 2015. With the release of the full album will come a oneman tour that May, resulting in accolades as the crowd’s expectations rose another notch..

To begin the encore, the members took turns at brief emcees, starting with drummer Naruto. “Thank you for coming today. This scenery is more than I could have imagined and I am just out of words. Thank you very much.” The other members spoke similar words until Akuta took the honors to introduce the songs to be played in the encore. “We have no songs of our own left so we are going to do a song about love and courage and a song of happy thoughts, instead. Last ‘Anpanman Taisou!’” The venue lit up once again with “Anpanman Taisou” (an anime theme song) as the stage and floor went crazy with heavy moshing towards the front while pillows flew everywhere. Everyone moved freely to the final number, “Neko no Kyoku” which was cutely outfitted with a chorus of cats meowing—courtesy of the other members while Akuta sang. The whole crowd enjoyed the show to their fullest, the night ending with satisfied smiles on the members’ faces in response to the crowd’s endless cheers.

The surprises didn’t end there, though. The screen rolled down again showing a reel of shots from the band’s day including the rehearsal, scene of fans waiting outside the venue, and the live digest as well. Needless to say there was an air of impressed approval at hor fast it had all been edited together.

Chanty certainly made a good start to their 2nd year, revving up their engines to full throttle. With the transformation from white costumes to a new and colorful palette, the band indicates that they have much more depth yet to be explored and their coming transformations can only be experienced, not predicted.

Set List

  1. Kanadeiro
  2. Flight
  3. ALIVE
  4. Kimi to Batsu
  5. Sorayomi
  6. Hidoi Kao
  7. monorium
  8. Toaru Hoshizora no Shita
  9. Amakakeru
  10. Otonari-san (new song)
  11. 「C」
  12. Miss-unbalance
  13. Shoudouteki Shoujyo
  14. Yannachau
  15. Owari no Hajimari


  1. Anpanman Taisou
  2. Neko no Kyoku

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

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