cocklobin oneman: Deinei no Rhea-Tokyo-

Live Report

by Maya Kawaguchi, posted August 16, 2013

On March 17, cocklobin closed the chapter on their recent activities with a final live to end the four consecutive one-mans and three consecutive single releases. For this final day, the band were fully ready and embarked on the challenge with their fans gathered for a burst of fun with a head-thrashing, towel-swinging set.

Welcoming the band along with the opening music, the fans clapped their hands to the rhythm. As soon as the black clad members came out one by one, each taking their time at the front to bask in the shouts of the audience, the final began with an array of headbanging numbers, starting with “here.” Red and pink lights flashed heavily to the growling music as the audience punched their fists into the air. Vocalist nigu stirred up the crowd with his shouts while, in the melodious interlude, guitarist iori and bassist hisaki changed places to further rally the crowd. Escalating the piece to its climax, drummer sora’s fierce strikes then took the venue on to the next number, “fall on one’s knees.” “Welcome!” shouted nigu, who started pumping his fist for the crowd to follow suit. The two guitarists, yuya and iori, gave some good shouts during the main part of the song and with pumping fists, twirling hands, and a crowd of fists up in the air, the venue was already steaming hot. “ALLAY” let that heat explode even further as nigu’s piercing growl had the fans whirling their hair through the air.

The lights came up and, almost out of breath, nigu welcomed the fans. “You guys ready for more?” They answered back with a loud, “YEAH!” Delighted, nigu nevertheless introduced the next song with a rather reserved tone. “I give you the scenery of a snowy country.” Blue lights danced on the stage like sparkling snow as “schnee,” a mid-tempo song, was delivered with nigu’s emotional vocals. Midway through, the song picked up the tempo, inducing pumping fists and then iori’s guitar solo brought on an emotional tone to give the fans a rest before the storming “ignite” began.

“Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!” shouted nigu getting the crowd headbanging fiercely once again. The members moved toward to the fuelled up crowd along with the vocalist before the tune grew melodious, transcending to a heavy, repetitive pounding. Jumping took over in “terre” as the band and crowd jumped in unison to the rhythm. Mightily, nigu let his voice out, stressing each individual word while yuya’s slap guitar intensified the music and kept the crowd busy jumping throughout the song.

The lights dimmed for “Gekkou” and darkness prevailed over the serene music. Gradually though, the gentle tune turned into growling and the crowd freely threw their hair about. The next mid tempo ballad, “reborn,” lingered in a dark tone with repetition of whispery vocals and shouts, ending with nigu’s beautifully sustained note. The storm returned with “grisaille” then. Mind-blowing growls took over and at once, all were thrashing their heads.  hisaki’s thumped out hot slap bass while the guitars strummed simultaneously, building up to a mysterious melody but “canaria” soon calmed things down. Blue lights showered onto the stage while guitar arpeggios and strong strumming gradually lifted up the melody and nigu’s spacious vocals gave depth to the song through the main melody.

“Still cannot escape from the sludge? It is deep. The more you struggle, the more deeply you drown in the sludge.” These words which poured from nigu brought about “Yomi no ashiro.” In contrast to the yellow and red lights dancing quietly onstage, profound guitar strumming intertwined to create a ponderous melody which, layered with nigu’s powerful voice, drew the audience deeper into cocklobin’s world. The following number, “Healing,” brought a different atmosphere again as the airy, mid-tempo music flowed with whispery vocals and a remarkable—if bizarre—solo which was drawn out from iori’s guitar. Then, with sora’s tapping of the drums, “Iris” began. From the constant strumming of guitars and slapped bass, the catchy melody picked up the pace for some headbanging among the crowd. In the next song, “KAGEUTSUSHI,” nigu made dramatic gestures, swaying his arm in circles through the sharply cutting guitars that dived into heavy tones along with the crowd who tossed their heads to the rhythm of the music.

As the main set neared its end, nigu cooled down for a bit, taking the mic for a brief emcee.
“Hey, thanks everyone!” The excited crowd roared back and with a jolly smile nigu resumed.
“Seems like everyone is having fun today. We’ve finally come to the final. Thanks! Since those Santa costumes in last year’s December one-man, it’s already been four months. I am happy that we have gone on this tour and come back here for the final. Give it all you’ve got and let’s die together!”

Fueling up the crowd, the band threw in a killer set of heavy thrashing songs, starting with “RISING IN THE DARK.” From the moment the smashing drum intro began, the crowd’s fists were instantly drawn into the air and the members moved closer to the edge of the stage as red strobe lights flashed intensely to the wild guitars. The intensity increased as “UNDER THE ROSE” escalated the crowd into jumps, moshing, and headbanging. The band’s shouts and growls in unison with the crowds’ pumping fists urged for even more energy. Up on the platform, nigu was still in full form and shouted, “Are you guys warmed up? Or should we fire it up more? Give it all you’ve got!” The crowd thrashed their heads violently to the monstrous growls and to the fast and furious drums.

A moment later, all became a whirlpool of swinging towels when sora’s constant tap of the drums started the last number of the main set, “PAIN.” Lights rotated wildly as fans held up towels and swirled them to the quick rhythm. Nigu followed suit, swinging his own towel while the remaining members came to the front to gaze at the scene with wide grins.

The members came out for the encore all with smiles on their faces and when the big presence of nigu came back on stage the excited fans shouted out his name. Surprisingly many of the shouts were from male fans of which there were many among the crowd. With a jolly smirk on his face, nigu took the mic with delight. “I am having a lot of fun today! Thanks! We have a few announcements today. Ah, one is that each member designed bracelets and they will be sold through the brand Material Crown.” nigu pointed at iori who held up his wrist so people could see the bracelet. “Please check it out. And our new single ignite will be released on the 20th. You can get the single today.” He resumed, “This tour was really fulfilling and when my voice was not at its best many have given me encouraging messages. I appreciate all your gratitude and it made me recover my voice. Thanks for the encore. Please listen to one of our oldest songs.”

The cocklobin classic, “coil” kicked off the first encore. The echoing vocal enveloped the space as the atmosphere became one of tranquility and nigu’s voice echoed gently against the instruments in the background.  Serene yet strong, the song gradually strengthened in volume and the lights brightened till the members were silhouette. Next came another classic, “shi to saisei” with a beautiful guitar solo by iori for which the fans was at peace listening quietly. From the icy white, the lights turned warm yellow for “Tsubasa.” The vocal part came in right away for the intro and a wave of sensual and melancholic ripples with amazing guitar riffs and intricate bass flowed throughout the livehouse. Hands fluttered to the melodious although gradually head thrashing spread amongst the crowd as the song revealed its harsh side. “Last song!!” shouted nigu wringing out his voice for “chloe” to close off the first encore with its racing melody. The crowd had their hands in the air clapping to the drum rhythm which became fists pumping in unison to the member shouts of “ Oi! Oi! Oi!” With the melodious music and heaviness in fusion, the venue was energized bringing the stage and floor together for one final spark that was still yet to come.

The band came out once again for a special encore as the members changed parts to play, “ PAIN.”  Guitarist, yuya came out first taking the mic at the center and explained that this plan had started when he said he wanted to sing one of cocklobin’s songs during the tour. He then introduced the other members. Bassist hisaki on guitar, drummer sora on rhythm guitar, vocalist nigu on bass and guitarist iori on drums. Each time the members were introduced the excited crowd cheered. yuya took up his towel shouting “have your towels ready! Here we GO!” The towel swirling, “PAIN” took the venue by storm. Though performance-wise it may not have been best, the stage and the fans definitely were in smiles enjoying the rare moment.

Before the very last song, nigu emceed. “Did you guys enjoy it?” From the crowd, cheers were heard and with a smile he resumed. “We wanted all of you to enjoy even if it made bruises on my neck. Have enough energy? Give all you’ve got! Last!”

Though there was some trouble with the bass, the final “DELIC” put one last spark amidst the fans Everything from shooting fists and thrashing heads to moshes across  the floor, and all the while nigu fired the crowd up for more. The other members similarly moved about the stage engaged in the act of heating up the crowd. The lights brightened as the end came and nigu out of breath but excitable shouted, “Thank you for today!” Applause arose at once. With the final farewell the members held hands and the crowd following suit jumped together.

The members lingered for their farewells going to the audience, giving high fives and thanking them with satisfied smiles on their faces. As the members left one by one, nigu shouted “Love you all!!” a sentiment which best represented their final one-man of Deinei no Rhea tour.

Set List

  1. here
  2. fall on one’s knees
  3. ALLAY
  4. schnee
  5. ignite
  6. terre
  7. Gekkou
  8. reborn
  9. grisaille
  10. canaria
  11. yomi no ashiro
  12. Healing
  13. Iris
  17. Black
  18. PAIN

Encore 1

  1. Coil
  2. shi to saisei
  3. Tsubasa
  4. chloe

Encore 2

  1. PAIN
  2. DELIC

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

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