Doremidan Final Live at Akasaka BLITZ, March 20

Live Report

by Jenny, Mio Nagasaki, posted May 29, 2012

On March 20, Doremidan concluded their very last tour with a grand final at Akasaka BLITZ.

Despite their disbanding after this one last concert, the event also marked the celebration of Doremidan’s 10th anniversary, allowing the band to embrace that vaunted milestone at the last. Many fans as well as friends from made during their long career came to witness the occasion and some fans were already shedding tears before the concert began.

Onstage, a screen was prepped behind the drum set, which sentimentally announced the title and year of release for each song and also featured nostalgic music videos and lyrics so everyone could sing along. The opening music began and with a mirrorball light effect, Doremidan entered. They greeted the waiting crowd and kicked off with “Mugen Yoto ~Maboroshi Lamp~.”

The first few songs of the split set varied through quiet yet cheerful tunes with Doremidan’s stamp all over the groovy music. Following the popular number, “The Faust,” Makoto talked a little with the crowd. He revealed his feelings from the night before the concert, thinking about their last live and his last time to perform with the other members. When he confessed  that he felt strange about it all, a melancholy washed over the venue. However, instead unwilling to leave behind sadness, Makoto cheered the fans by asking them to enjoy the concert and keep good memories of it in their hearts.

When the music returned, the lights softened and Makoto performed the short a cappela introduction to “Chou.” Behind him, onscreen, the music video of the song rolled along. A speedy guitar riff opened “Decadence Go Go,” fans eager to accompanying it with clapping. Awesome guitar solos dominated the rock tune.

They continued with several danceable songs and with an energetic drum beat, Reika opened “Shinjouron.” Fans shook their arms in the air while onstage, the band were dancing and moving around.  The atmosphere changed for “Amari Risu” though as fans focused their attention on Makoto who sang with all his passion and the guitars marked the song with several solos.

From this point on, Doremidan performed a few quiet tunes such as “Higanbana and “Kasa Tsuki” which opened with sweet piano notes. For this song, Makoto opened up an umbrella and sang holding it aloft, creating touching imagery that justified the song’s lyrics while a yearning guitar solo gave a touch of melancholy to the tune. The fans stood still, focusing their attention on the band and the song. The ballad tunes continued with the beautiful melody of “Parade.” Moving guitars and Makoto’s clean voice fascinated everybody in the venue. The crowd were abducted by the melancholy melody broken at times by desperate guitar lines. The performance resulted in a moment of silence that soon broke into excessive applause.

In the next touching ballad, “Asia,” Makoto slumped to the ground and started to interpret the lyrics with gesture. A smog effect covered the floor of the stage and helped to create a misty atmosphere that matched the melody very well. Towards the end of the song, the band left the stage one by one, leaving Reika alone to close the tune with a final drum solo. Then, he too left the stage in silence that momentarily exploded in applause.

While the members prepared for the second part of the concert, a video entertained the audience for several minutes. The clip started with Raison” and showed ironic images of the members in the dressing room, busy with ordinary things such as writing emails or playing around rather than hurrying to return to the audience. The fans didn’t seem perturbed, laughing and clapping their hands at the antics.

After the short break, Doremidan were back and the music started again as Makoto raised a towel and whipped it through the air to the gripping “Seishun Rollover.” For this second part of the concert, energetic and cheerful tunes made the crowd shout out loud. The enthusiasm increased when Paraphrenia” started and the song’s PV was shown onscreen. For the next tune, a blue, starry sky was projected to externalize the atmosphere of “Kanshouteki Rockin Slumber.” Then, with flashing light, “Twilight Mix Juice Boogie took over for another rock tune that encouraged all the audience to jump. The atmosphere changed again with “Kibou Toshi” before the stage turned dark and only the drum set and Reika were illuminated for a powerful drum solo. He strung the crowd along and any time he stopped, fans screamed his name. He continued to play with them for a while after bassist Yuu joined him and they performed their final rhythm section jam together and closed with a gong stroke.

After the stage brightened again, Makoto announced “Koisou Yuugi,” another familiar Doremidan standard and the rock tunes continued through to the last song, “Wakaba no kioku.

A few hours had already passed from the beginning of the concert but fans weren’t tired at all and they shouted loudly for an encore. Doremidan entered again, and Makoto talked with the fans, thanking them for the unfailing support received during their 10 years and the great times they spent together. Then, the lights turned soft and “Tsuki niji” began. Makoto held a small mirror in his hand, a single light reflecting off the mirror and out into the large venue.

The quiet tunes continued with “Ame no Platform,” opened by Ryu’s guitar. During “Memories,” Makoto performed a short a capella solo and closed the song in a passionate display. The calm atmosphere was soon broken, though, by the more cheerful tune, “Hello! Brand New Day.” Makoto asked the crowd to sing part of the song with him and they did magnificently. Pink streamers were launched into the air as he expressed his gratitude. Everybody grabbed and waved them in the air in rhythm with the music for the final number, “Time machine.” The up-tempo song and cheerful rhythm made for a bright ending. Fans jumped and shouted “Doremidan” in the chorus while the band moved around, interacting with them. Reika closed the last tune with a drum solo which he concluded by jumping into the crowd in true “no regrets” spirit.

After a short break, Makoto re-entered alone. He expressed his feelings and his gratitude to the fans and pointed out that 10 years had passed swiftly. The venue was well lit and he said that he was happy to see everyone’s faces. At this point, the fans couldn’t keep a lid on their sadness any longer and many burst into tears.  The other members filtered back onstage and shared their own thoughts and feelings but when guitarist Ryu tried to talk, the tears proved too much for him. He cried loudly and Makoto hugged him as the sniffles and sobs throughout the venue rose to a crescendo.

Finally, Makoto thanked all the band members, all the staff, and once again, Doremidan’s loyal fans. Despite being unable to keep from crying himself, he asked the fans to hold back their tears and to enjoy the last songs with the intention of a party. One by one, he introduced the members and the band launched into “Sai” during which blue streamers this time burst forth and onscreen, images of Doremidan appeared–from their 2002 debut to their 2012 finish–to celebrate the band’s history. The final, nostalgic favorite, “Aozora Jidai ~Aozora Generation~” marked the strong union between Doremidan and their fans until a last drum beat and speedy guitar riff brought the special show to an end. The band hugged each other and bowed to their fans, slowly throwing final presents of picks and bottles to the crowd, seeming themselves reluctant to leave.

The long and touching concert concluded Doremidan’s ten year career, exhibiting no less than 33 songs. A live DVD of their last tour will be released in May 2012 as one last gift to the fans. ROKKYUU wish all the best to each member and anticipate the success of their future projects. Don’t let us down!

Set List

  1. Mugen Yoto ~Maboroshi Lamp~
  2. Tentoumushi no Enbukyoku
  3. Kuroi anasen to ichiru no nozomi
  4. Hameln
  5. The Faust
  6. Girl Hunt
  7. Chou
  8. Decadence Go Go
  9. Betsuri Uta
  10. Shinjouron
  11. Amari Risu
  12. Higanbana
  13. Kasa Tsuki
  14. Parade
  15. Asia
  16. Raison
  17. Seishun Rollover
  18. World’s end
  19. Paraphrenia
  20. Kanshouteki Rockin Slumber
  21. Twilight Mix Juice Boogie
  22. Koukon Trapezium
  23. Kibou Toshi
  24. Koisou Yuugi
  25. Mirai Note
  26. Wakaba no kioku

Encore 1

  1. Tsuki niji
  2. Ame no Platform
  3. Memories
  4. Hello! Brand New Day
  5. Time Machine

Encore 2

  1. Sai
  2. Aozora Jidai ~Aozora Generation~

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