DuelJewel ONEMAN TOUR 2014 Break through the story

Live Report

by Mio Nagasaki, Kellie Lacey, posted April 17, 2015

“DuelJewel ONEMAN TOUR 2014 Break through the story” started in Saitama in late August 2014 and raced through 23 shows before culminating in a two day final at Kichijoji’s Club Seata on November 15 and 16. This, the first of the two finals, saw a band on top of their game and eager to tell a story.

DuelJewel took to the stage wearing the same gold colored camouflage outfits that they had been wearing for most of the visuals and promotion of their recent album “Story.” The anticipation in the compact but full Club Seata grew with every beat of the song that played as the members made their individual entrances and already, the crowd was a sea of multi-colored LED lights.

DuelJewel opened their set with two tracks from Story and they were met with enthusiasm by the fans. Hayato quickly proved that his voice was still on point after his voice problems from a couple of years ago by delivering a great vocal during one of the quieter sections of “It’s just love.”  If the new songs started proceedings at a nice, simmering pace then it was “DICE” and “62” that brought things to an early boiling point. The crowd jumped as their hand lights and the stage lasers lit up the venue and there was soon a sea of frantic hand waving and flying hair as the fans danced and head banged along.

Hayato welcomed the fans to the show in a short MC before the band launched into “Seiren,” which was particularly impressive due to some excellent guitar work from Shun and was a welcome change of pace. DuelJewel returned to their new album for the track “Kimi no sekai de.” Hayato’s falsetto vocals, Val’s tight drum fills and the white lights bouncing off the venue’s disco ball gave the performance a slight Christmas feel and was a highlight of the show.

Azure” showed the strong connection between DuelJewel and the fans in attendance, who were a good mix of young fans and fans who had been with the band since their early days. Bass player Natsuki played to the crowd from the front of the stage and both band and fans swayed and bounced along to the song as if they were one unit.  Natsuki and Shun especially seemed to enjoy the song as they were running around stage and having fun throughout.

Hayato spoke to the crowd about the three months that had passed since the release of the album and the start of the tour, and also reiterated the feeling of band and fan togetherness that had shone through during “Azure.” His MC also served as an introduction to the next track “Outsider,” an intense and energetic performance that saw Hayato work every inch of the stage despite the low beams of the ceiling partially obscuring him from the view of those at the back of the venue when he stood upon his riser. “Outsider” also saw an impressive bass solo from Natsuki and was the start of several songs from the heavier side of DuelJewel’s discography.

Each band member was given their time to shine and take center stage during “Sin,” a crowd pleasing track driven by Val’s powerful drumming and one that engaged the crowd in a variety of well rehearsed reactions.  The fans pumped their fists, banged their heads and jumped around as DuelJewel wanted them to do and probably would have carried on doing so until the venue pulled the plug for breaking curfew.  The final song of the set was “Sunset Riot,” a track that skillfully mixed the lighter and heavier sides of DuelJewel and was highlighted by a great guitar solo from Yuya.

After several minutes of the crowd shouting for an encore, DuelJewel returned to the stage dressed in tour t-shirts. Hayato announced that the first song of the encore was to be a song that DuelJewel didn’t play very often and the crowd were delighted when the opening bars of “Noah” rang around Club Seata. Compared to the songs that had been played before it, “Noah” was a stripped down and simpler performance but it was all the more impressive because of this. Hayato was on form throughout and the sometimes harmonic, sometimes duelling guitar work of Shun and Yuya was equally impressive.

For the band MCs, Shun spoke about Kichijoji, the venue for the tour finals, and how it was a famous town for visual kei and one that he had frequented himself in the past. Yuya and Natsuki both spoke about the tour and their anticipation for the final-final on the next day. Val left his drum kit and came to the front of the stage for his MC and proceeded to sing an adlibbed song advertising the various items of DuelJewel tour goods, supported by the band with Shun on drums. The advertisement reached its climax when Val, complete with DuelJewel hair clips in his hair, led the crowd in waving their arms from side to side by demonstrating with a DuelJewel umbrella. Hayato’s MC was slightly more subdued than the band leader’s and he told the crowd that without them, the ‘Break through the story Oneman tour’ would not have been the success it had been.

The encore concluded with the triple attack of “Chronos,” “ONE SHOT ONE KILL” and “Trust.” Despite the last of the two tour finals taking place only 24 hours later, DuelJewel held nothing back as they ripped through the end of the show. The band members leaned into the crowd, much to the delight of the fans in the first few rows, and did all they could to get every last drop of energy out of the crowd. The crowd were happy it give it.

In April and May DuelJewel will hit the stage again with a series of oneman shows produced by each individual member. In 2014 DuelJewel broke through their story, but in 2015 their story continues.

Set list

  1. Days
  2. It’s Just Love
  3. DICE
  4. 62
  5. Sad/Mad
  6. Seiren
  7. Kiseki no hana
  8. Kimi no sekai de
  9. maze
  10. azure
  11. outsider
  12. Abyss Life
  14. sin
  16. Sunset Riot


  1. Noah
  2. Chronos
  4. Trust

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Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

Kellie Lacey was born into a family that loves, plays, and staged live music and is proudly carrying on the tradition. While studying psychology in the heart of England and attending the lives of every obscure metal band that came her way, Kellie was given a DIR EN GREY CD and has not looked back since. A short vacation to Tokyo in 2009 and tickets to see a couple of lives while there convinced Kellie to abandon the steady government job she had and move to Japan for some excitement and an rapidly emptying bank account.

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