girugamesh Day 13: TOKYO Sadistic Day

Live Report

by Kate Havas, posted April 3, 2012

For thirteen days straight, girugamesh strutted their stuff at Shibuya WWW and ROKKYUU picked out five to share with those looking for a taste of the madness.

March 10 marked the finale of girugamesh’s thirteen-day rampage at Shibuya WWW. Even after almost two straight weeks of performing, the band made Tokyo Sadistic Day a raucous and hardcore show that held nothing back. The band took the stage to the Star Wars “Imperial Death March” theme, preparing the audience for the grim theme of sadism.

Bright lights and Satoshi’s crazy expressions were blinding in “Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe”, as ShuU’s thick bass had the fans’ fists in the air. The crowd threw up devil horn gestures as Satoshi offered them double middle fingers in return. “Crazy Flag” had the vocalist spitting water on the fans and bouncing around like a toddler on pixie sticks as Shuu leaned out so far he was practically playing in the front row. “Burning the flag,” band and crowd growled together as guitarist Nii pointed at fans, calling them out to chant along. Яyo stood to play, grinning as he emphasized his drum beats by mouthing “Bam! Bam!” with every crashing note.

New song 1” lightened the metal mood with a high-tension melody reminiscent of American alternative rock. Then Satoshi gave a big scream and the lights went blue as he jumped and called for the fans to “shake, shake it down” in “MISSON CODE.” They obliged, bouncing and smacking into each other on the staggered flooring of WWW. By the end of the song, Satoshi was doubled over and looked like he was about to collapse. He quickly revealed it was all an act, throwing himself into headbanging for the next numbers. Frantic synthesizer–like a warning siren–blared as they began “stupid,” and blue strobes flashed with the ever-changing tempo. The stage then blacked out as heavy bass and drums took over, and Satoshi flipped the crowd off again.

“This (thirteen days) has been sadistic for you and for us!” he told the crowd, taking a seat on the platform. “I decided to rent an apartment in the city, it was just too much to go back to Chiba every night. I’ve been commuting by bicycle, a real city boy. The apartment doesn’t allow pets, but I have two birds at home and my mom has been taking care of them while I’m in Tokyo. I worry that they’ve forgotten me! They’re not very smart, you know. Everyone, please pray that my pets don’t forget me!”

A cool rock sound opened ”Kaisen Senden,” fans shouting at the stage. Satoshi, who up to this point had mainly been growling and barking, sang out a few long notes against the sound of Яyo’s cymbals. “This next song is one of our new songs we did for Jack in the Box. When we did it there we yelled for Tatsuro (of MUCC),” he explained, “but this time I want everyone to yell “Sadistic!” He had them practice, emphasizing the Japanese katakana pronunciation to make it fit with the beats. Then the speakers blared with girls’ voices doing a peppy cheer to lead the crowd in the upbeat “New song 2.” “Sa-dis-tic-ku!” they clapped in voices far more cheerful than the word would imply.

The next songs kept the crowd riled up with screaming and strutting, Nii and ShuU leaning into the reaching fans as Satoshi rapped “bit crash!” Яyo was having a ball throughout the drum-heavy “smash!!” beaming behind his drum kit with crazy eyes and clapping his sticks together, slamming on the drums. Nii showed his affection for the vocalist, resting his head on Satoshi’s shoulder while he played.

The whole band was moving for “evolution.” A cheerleader chant picked up, the members clearly having a blast as they bounced around and danced like dorks. Яyo was starting to show the strain of the cumulative lives but the rest of the band made up for it with extra energy. They left as the fans cheered.

“Thank you!” Satoshi called as they returned, flashing a peace sign instead of the bird for once. “I chose the set list today, isn’t it awesome? Let’s have one-by-one comment. Яyo!”

The drummer pretended to cry, which quickly turned to maniacal laughter. “I love being sadistic! This has been really fun! I want to do 31 days!” he proclaimed though Satoshi jumped in to protest at the idea of an even longer event.

“There hasn’t been another event like this anywhere!” Nii bragged. “All the days have been fun, but personally I really liked Akiba day. If we get the chance, I want to do something like that again!”

Leader ShuU was next. “Hey-hey-hey!” he called. “When we first started planning this, we sat around just thinking of ideas…I want to apologize to the staff for being so difficult. But every song is filled with memories…” he began to give a detailed explanation as Satoshi gestured for him to wrap it up. “Oh, I talk too much? Okay. Well, with the power of us, our staff, and our fans, we want to go to Tokyo Dome! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a band like us at Tokyo Dome?”

Satoshi then took the microphone. “We were really worried about this. What if someone caught the flu or something happened? But it went off fine, and your enjoyment made us enjoy it more. We’re really grateful!”

With those words, they launched into “BREAK DOWN,” wrapping up thirteen days straight with expressive guitar and Satoshi using his range to bring the show to a strong finish. The band grinned, hugged, and left the stage, except for Satoshi, who wasn’t quite done. “I want to sing more!” he said and the fans laughed as he began an a capella improvisation of the Dragon Ball theme “Romantic Ageru Yo,” substituting  “romantic” with “sadistic” before running off the stage, no doubt ready to rest after the thirteen day marathon.

Set List

  1. Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe
  2. Angry Shoes
  5. New song 1
  7. GOKU
  8. stupid
  10. Mouja no Koushin
  11. Kaisen Sengen
  12. New Song 2
  13. bit crash
  14. smash!!
  15. Never ending story
  16. evolution
  17. Break Down

Kate Havas first became interested in Japanese fashion and culture in college when manga, anime, and visual kei were just beginning to make their way to America. An art and English major with a love of clothes, Kate signed onto ROKKYUU in order cover fashion and report on Tokyo trends, but was quickly also recruited to the music side of things and has been having an adventure expanding her knowledge of all things VK since. Follow her on twitter at keito_kate!

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