MINT NeKO, Sixh., and Satsuki Shibuya Mini-Event


by Mio Nagasaki, tara.christofes, posted November 30, 2013

On a warm October evening in Tokyo, fans of MINT NeKO and Sixh. gathered at the 2.5D stage in the Shibuya Parco building as designer MINT announced a collaboration with the Akita Prefecture mascot, Nyajirou. Surrounded by fans of the Mint NeKO brand as well as Sixh. fans, MINT showed off a small collection featuring the MINT NeKO version of Nyajirou on a t-shirt, lunch box, and can badge. Modeling the t-shirt was the mascot himself, Nyajirou. The oversized head and big body of the cat made the design collaboration a very compatible match. Nyajirou’s creator, Yanagihara Tomomi, was also there to commemorate the event. Of course, when Nyajirou made his debut, fans cried out “Cute!” and designer MINT was very jealous. He asked the audience, jokingly, “What, aren’t I cute?”

After showing off the collaboration items, Nyajirou showed off his dance moves by dancing to Golden Bomber. The audience really enjoyed this, clapping and bobbing their heads to the music. During his second song, Nyajirou encouraged everyone to get up and dance with him. While fans were rather shy at first, soon everyone was standing and doing the hand choreography with the giant mascot cat.

To end this part of the event, MINT announced that Nyajirou, Yanagihara-san, and MINT would be throwing balls into the audience and those who caught them would win a special prize. The prize was a signboard with Nyajirou drawn by MINT, and signed by the designer and Yanagihara-san. While the first ball went away from the audience to the side of the studio, the next three tries successfully found their way into the hands of audience members. One of the winners—a young girl—gave Nyajirou a hug when she went onstage to collect her prize. After the prizes were handed out, an older gentleman in the audience gave Nyajirou a Hangry doll. Nyajirou gestured very excitedly to thank him.

The second half of the mini-event was Sixh. designer IBI and vocalist Satsuki singing a selected few songs together. With the small audience and the laid back appearance of both IBI and Satsuki, the feeling of the mini live was very relaxed and comfortable. Together, IBI and Satsuki had chosen a short set of three songs to sing together; one of Satsuki’s songs, a LUNA SEA song, and a song from Sixh. Opera. IBI was feeling nervous, but Satsuki put him at ease, asking him about his time in Atlanta. The chemistry of the pair was good and the show felt more like two friends getting together to perform music than two performers onstage giving a show.

The first song, Satsuki’s “La Luna,” was very well done. The song was full of strength and confidence. IBI sang back-up for this song and they both performed well. While the emcee had been full of talk of nerves, their singing did not betray this at all.

A cover of LUNA SEA’s “I For You” was next. Satsuki teased that IBI must have picked it because it was a love song but IBI denied this, despite laughing and blushing. IBI said he was still nervous but that he had been listening to the song everyday on his iPod to prepare. Whatever preparation IBI had done had worked as he sang exceptionally well. Both he and Satsuki put a lot of feeling and emotion into the song.

For their final song of the night, they played “Fate and Pain” from the Sixh. Opera. This had a pre-recorded track, so both gentlemen could stand up and dance. They encouraged the fans to get up and shout during the song, teaching them precisely how to pump their fists in the air and shout “Oh!” just right. Though the audience was again quite shy, the two men managed to get everyone excited for the last song. “Fate and Pain” really reflected the overall Sixh. Opera theme with its fantastical rock sound. Like the opening theme to an anime, the song was dramatic and compelling. The crowd had a blast at the finish with IBI and Satsuki encouraging everyone to cheer.

When they finished thanking the crowd for being wonderful, MINT, Yanagihara-san, and Nyajirou came back out to thank everyone again for attending the mini-live. The group then bowed together and left to the sound of their fans cheering them off the stage.

Set list

  1. La Luna/Satsuki
  2. I for You/LUNA SEA
  3. Fate and Pain/Sixh.

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

Tara Christofes was a Japanese major from America. After coming to Japan with the JET program years ago, she teamed up with a friend to become one of the only foreign doujinshi circles in Japan. She love lolita and aristo fashions, cooking, and manga. You can follow her on twitter, @shigeruhiko.

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