Moi dix Mois – Le dixieme anniversaire Live

Live Report

by Diana Tome, posted May 12, 2013

Shinjuku Blaze welcomed a very unique crowd on March 20 to celebrate Moi dix Mois’ tenth anniversary. Black clad elegant lolitas in their best gothic attires waited patiently for the start of the show that would bring together past and present as former Moi dix Mois members Juka (vocals), Kazuno (bass) and Tohru (drums) joined Mana (guitar), K (guitar), Seth (vocals), Hayato (drums) and Sugiya (bass) for a once in a life time show entitled “Tetsugaku no hahen daijissho Final – daijissho fumetsu no tetsugaku—seitan tenreisai,” which roughly translates to “Debris of Philosophy chapter 10 Final – the philosophy of immortality—liturgy of birth” and saw Moi dix Mois at their best in a show that fans won’t easily forget.

The band came on stage all clad in white to the dramatic opening music “En lumière.” The look itself was a fresh surprise as goth combined with the light and the white outfits screamed brightly over the dark background. From the ceiling dangled a bloody cross, held in place by heavy metal chains. As “Je l’aime” kicked off, the light-up cross on Mana’s white guitar started to flash in tones of red. Thrusting his guitar to the ceiling, the lead guitarist threw his head back, bringing it forward right way as he fiercely headbanged to the speedy drums. The hall seemed trapped in a dream of ruminating guitar riffs lulling under the spell of Seth’s deep vocals while in the background, a lonesome piano mourned.

Black chandeliers came to life, casting light on the band’s logo which decorated the stage wall and Seth solemnly moved forward. With a black book in one hand, the red-haired minion tilted his head down, slowly reading out the introduction for “Metaphysical.” The tone hardened and Seth followed the beat, thrashing his head violently, his flaming red hair dashing right and left in the process.

“Welcome to the final. We are Moi dix Mois!” he growled, promptly greeted in return by the audience’s raised fists in the devil horns sign. “Let’s go!” He fired up the crowd for the dangerous “Witchcraft” and as he swayed to the tune, the vocalist provocatively caressed his own body. Behind him, Hayato’s furious drumming sent both guitarists to the forefront. K and Mana did not let the crowd down, dazzling the hall with their fervent riffs in a soft, dark and deadly display.

K took on the following emcee. “Welcome, all of you gathered here in Shinjuku! Can I ask you all to move a step back?” He was very considerate in noticing the lack of space in the front. “If you say you can’t, I will kill you!” he added. The guitarist’s voice seemed slightly distorted, echoing theatrically in a horror movie effect as he explained the routine for the next number. The crowd had no trouble following the intricate motions of “Sanctum Regnum,” the staging and choreography making for a powerful combination.

The SECT” opened with a dramatic vocal solo, words echoing across the hall under pale light. The musicians stepped in and hell broke loose, hair flying wildly as the fans savored the tune. Seth was at his best, knees slightly bent like a demon ready to decimate his prey. Sweet words turned fierce, guitars battling over puissant drums while the crowd pumped their fists in unison. Digging at the strings, Mana moved forward, kicking the air and thrashing his head violently as he delivered yet another impressive solo.

The tone changed drastically as an instrumental “Happy Birthday” started playing in the background. The crowd didn’t hesitate and sang to the tune before the vocalist cut in to explain that it was Mana’s birthday!

“Oh! But where did Mana-sama go?” he shouted overly dramatically as he looked over his shoulder and the crowd giggled at the sudden change in character. “He was here just a minute ago!” Seth continued, looking at K for support.

“Ok, so we will have to call Mana-sama, and when he comes, I want you all to put your hands together and look up to him with adoring eyes!” The tall guitarist exemplified by placing his hands in front of his chest in a prayer stance and blinking exaggeratedly. “And as you do this, you have to yell with all your heart—I love you, Mana-sama! Boys, just pretend you are girls and do the same!” he added with a nonchalant grunt. After a few tries, Mana appeared  to the crowd’s shouts, white bunny bag in one hand and throwing candy to the crowd. “Let’s have a rock birthday!” Seth yelled, having the hall joined voices in an amusingly heavy version of “Happy birthday.”

A cake was brought in and the vocalist explained, “This year it’s smaller than usual because I made it… to express my love for Mana-sama!” All laughed at Hayato’s teasing drum roll and Seth proceeded, reading the traditional letter from Mana while a renaissance tune played in the background. Clearing his throat, the vocalist pretended to impersonate Mana.

“This being my birthday, I felt nostalgic and caught myself looking at baby photos earlier…!” Teasingly, K pretended to lull a baby to sleep and the others did their best not to laugh. “I won’t show it to you in order to maintain my cool and refined reputation! Thank you all for your support! I want you to keep following us!”

From fun to dark it went, with “Lamentful Miss.” Red lights covered the stage in a veil of bloody light that tainted red the white outfits and set the atmosphere. Rain washed away the blood, its sound hauntingly embracing the venue for the introduction of “Pendulum.” Heavy distortions gave the song a nightmarish tone, instrumentals and vocals coming together for a powerful number. Seth fell to his knees in front of Mana, his voice between a growl and a plea while the guitarist threw his guitar to the sky, fingers working their magic over the stings in a passionate riff.

The vocalist took the lead for “immortal madness,” guitars racing in a determined dive before K and Seth got the hall shouting, “This love!” to the tune. The tone became harsher with the puissant “Dead Scape,” Sugiya’s bass work standing out as he skillfully plucked hot notes from strings.

Growls and feisty riffs combined for the numbers that followed, the theatrical background music of “in paradisum” followed by the imposing song “The Seventh Veil” with its incredibly fast instrumentals and deep vocals. “Divine Place” proceeded in waves of heaviness, dim blue lights washing over the stage while a sea of hands swayed to the tune. Vocals echoed across the hall in an enticing chant that resembled the deadly siren’s call, pulling all into her slow and dangerous trap.

Ange ~Holy wings~” closed the set in a positive tone, white lights enveloping the hall while Mana twirled amid feisty notes, his skirt flying freely. Degrees of heavier and lighter music mingled interestingly for the finale as the tune became graver and the hall delighted in fierce headbanging. The show ended as it had started and the five left the stage to the music of “En Lumière.”

The audience waited patiently for Moi dix Mois to return and as the curtains moved, they went wild, receiving Juka, Kazuno and Tohru with open arms and loud cheers to the SE “Dix infernal”. The tone now changed completely with Mana clad in black to match the other three as the original Moi dix Mois line up got ready for some oldies.

Dialogue Symphonie” came first, Juka’s voice adding a nostalgic feeling to the number. As his fingers dashed confidently over the strings, Mana threw his black hair back, head tilted slightly as if to savor each note. “I missed this… Give me more!” Juka demanded. A cheer rose, the fans yelling out name like a mantra. “I hope you enjoy the old songs we have in stored for you!” he added with a smile before introducing “Vestige.”

Mana swayed to the gentle ballad, Juka following the example, his voice deep and solemn. With a growl, the vocalist called out “Last!” bringing out the heavy guns in “Ange (old ver.).” While Kazuno kept it cool on bass, shyly interacting with the audience, Tohru thrashed his head to the beat, powerful blows delivered to the cymbals as he enjoyed the music. The crowd seemed thrilled, headbanging passionately and responding to the band’s every command. The contrast between the early works and the most recent ones was clear, the dreamy and hopeful tone of Moi dix Mois’ early period having given way to darker and cooler numbers.

Moi dix Mois ALL STARS brought everyone back to the stage for a heated finale and Seth read the last message from Mana for the night. “It was a strange live, wasn’t it? It has been a long journey since this project started. Thank you to everyone who supported us: fans and members.”

Carrying a photo of himself in the early days, Tohru explained, “I went to Schwarz  Stein recently and ran into Kaya who asked me if I was coming to today’s show! I explained that I couldn’t since… Well, I have no hair and I used to have really long and BIG hair… ‘There is no way people will recognize me!’ I told Kaya but he said, ‘I’ll be suuuuuper happy if you do!’” the drummer grinned as he impersonated Kaya’s coquettish voice. “How could I say no to that?”

Kazuno was next, thanking the crowd for their warm welcome, the depth of his emotion clear in his voice. “I got a call a while back from someone saying, ‘I want you to come to the live!’ The said person only that, so I had no idea who it was. I thought I was definitely in trouble!” He laughed. “It is incredible for a band to go on for 10 years and I wish you all keep supporting Moi dix Mois. I’ll see you all at the 20th anniversary!”

The show ended in a party,Pageant” bringing the hall together for a warm finale that will certainly remain forever alive in the hearts of all those present. Ten years of unique gothic-rock reviewed, Moi dix Mois promise to keep dragging more and more fans into their eccentric world of blue roses and dark minions!


Set list

  1.  Je l’aime
  2. Metaphysical
  3. Witchcraft
  4. Sanctum Regnum
  5. The SECT
  6. Lamentful Miss
  7. Pendulum
  8. immortal madness
  9. Dead Scape
  10. SE in paradisum (live ver.)
  11. The Seventh Veil
  12. Divine Place
  13. Ange ~D side Holy wings~
  14. Ending SE En Lumière


Encore 1 – First generation Moi dix Mois

  1. Opening SE Dix infernal
  2. Dialogue Symphonie
  3. Vestige
  4. Ange (old ver.)


Encore 2 – Moi dix Mois ALL STARS

  1. Pageant

Diana Tome saw her life change when she came across X-Japan's Blue Blood. A big supporter of old school visual rock, she believes visual kei is a lifestyle and philosophy that goes beyond the clothing and the music. With a background in headhunting and psychotherapy, Diana completed her M.A. in Psychology from I.S.P.A. in Lisbon, Portugal. She now lives and works in Japan committed to keeping the VK/V-rock flame alive.

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