OROCHI at Blink of the Nebula Vol. 2

Live Report

by Jenny, Mio Nagasaki, posted March 15, 2012

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Eight bands gathered at Ikebukuro Cyber on February 7 [The blink of a nebula Vol.2] Starwave Records presents where Orochi performed a set of five songs. When the curtain opened, one by one, the members entered the stage, filling the atmosphere with their unique style mixing rock with Japanese traditional music.

With Lord USHI-WAKA playing the dragon flute, they started with the song “Phoenix.” It held just a touch of traditional music quickly broken by the rock rhythms and Lord USHI-WAKA’s deep voice. Following Lord USHI-WAKA’s movements, the crowd headbanged until the end of the song.

The following two numbers were new songs, Lord USHI-WAKA instructed the crowd in the choreography and they followed him perfectly. Both new tunes rocked the venue, alternating lights helping to create the right atmosphere for more furious headbanging.

After the end of the third song, Lord USHI-WAKA asked if there were people there for the first time and handed them some presents while all the members helped to distribute glowing bracelets to the fans. Everyone wore the bracelets and held their arms in the air as “A Hundred Flowers Blossom began. Yuki-mura took a position at center for a powerful solo while the others members danced around the stage. The kind chorus in the song gave the impression of a nice ballad shattered by the heavy sound that then made the crowd dance throughout.

Lord USHI-WAKA held a red Japanese traditional fan as he talked again to the crowd, announcing the coming oneman. He even spoke in English sometimes, explaining how to get tickets. After the emcee, Lord USHI-WAKA announced the last song, “Sakura.” Silence dominated the atmosphere, smoke filling the stage, and Lord USHI-WAKA revealed the dragon flute once more. Holding Japanese folding fans known as sensu, the crowd waved them in harmony with the rhythm. The bittersweet sound of the traditional instruments matched perfectly with their heavy, modern counterparts, all together mixed with the beautiful choreography of the weaving fans. Sakura was an ideal final song that profoundly expressed Orochi’s unique style, combining all the typical elements of their music.

In fact, it was a great show all around, fusing different styles of music and performance. Both the regular members and their supported were in harmony throughout the show, giving their all to earn the crowd’s impressive response.

Set List

  1. Phoenix (Fushi-cho)
  2. New Song
  3. Kono Hanasakuya Hime (New Song)
  4. A Hundred Flowers Blossom (Hyakka Ryouran)
  5. Sakura

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Jenny Micalizzi started studying piano when she was seven years old and has since never betrayed her passion. Music has always been a constant in her life; there have always been guitars and keyboards strewn around her house. But it wasn't until she came across Japanese music that her life changed and she became interested in Japanese language. Now Jenny lives and works in Japan, reporting on visual kei.

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

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