TRANSTIC NERVE Debut 15th Anniversary Live “NEVER END”

Live Report

by Chika Yoshizawa, Mio Nagasaki, posted April 20, 2015

The one-night revival live of TRANSTIC NERVE, which was announced in March, was held at Akasaka BLITZ on December 28, 2014. Many fans gathered at the venue, the air buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the special show. Among the audience were not just TRANSTIC NERVE fans, but defspiral fans who had been hoping for such a momentous occasion.

A thin white curtain hung in front of the stage, blue lights lighting the set as the divine opening music streamed from speakers. As the tempo gradually increased, fans began to clap along. Once the members’ silhouettes were seen by the crowd, the venue erupted in cheers from the floor, especially once the curtains opened to reveal the large TRANSTIC NERVE logo behind the drumset. The opening song for the commemorative live was “Wake UP Your Mind’s “Jesus”,” red lights drowning the stage in midst of the dark sound and energetic rhythm. Vocalist TAKA shouted to rile up the audience during the intro as special light projections were shot into the air. In a change from the normal defspiral positioning, bassist RYO could be found on the left side of the stage, while long-missed guitarist TAL was seen on stage right. He wowed the crowd with his guitar play that did not show any recession of skill despite the years away from the stage.

Whisper” followed with MASAKI’s robust drum solo, spinning into a complicated rhythm that was created alongside the bass. TAKA sang the pop chorus freely and easily. “Welcome to Akasaka BLITZ! Let’s make a special night together!” TAKA welcomed the crowd when the music stopped, but soon restarted the live with a shout that fans responded to by jumping. RYO played the bass powerfully for “Ghost Talk” in the green lights. He then raised the bass high at the start of his solo, during which the sound became distorted in a manner similar to video games. TAKA showed a great amount of control in his vocal technique for the song that held a high tempo with hints of sex, however the vocalist distorted the image a bit by smiling contentedly when he saw the fans’ dancing without a step out of place. 

“Akasaka! We are back! We are TRANSTIC NERVE! Let’s have a special night!” A song of mystery, “Ai to Paranoia” followed after the vocalist’s shout, MASATO slamming his guitar strings as he swayed along to the beat. TAKA’s thick vocals echoed through the venue, with a gentle touch added only during the chorus to set a sweet mood. With a BGM reminiscent to space travel to transition over to the next song, “END-second edit-,“ torches flared on the stage, adding a dramatic flair. MASATO’s soft guitar overlapped with the digital sound, and soon the song changed to a dance number to which the crowd danced along during the bridge and outro.

RYO and TAL rhythmically bowed down to the strong drumming in the intro of “Getting Closer.” MASATO and TAL changed their positions for the first time to visit fans at the opposite sides of the floor. “PARADE” changed the mood with its slower rhythm, the audience listening to the song while gently swaying their bodies from side to side. As MASATO modified the sound of his solo to produce an echoing effect, in contrast RYO presented deep notes with the smooth and gentle plucking of the bass strings. The combination of sweet melody and powerful sound left a visible impression in the minds of the present fans.

A big cheer arose the instant the digital sounds of the intro of “Recall” came on, the crowd’s bodies moving naturally to the rhythmic drum and bass beat. RYO’s braids swung wildly as he threw himself in the music. TAKA got the audience fired up for “Livid Sonic Diver,” as MASATO joined TAL for a dual guitar solo at center stage. Fans were especially delighted at the sight that had been missing since TRANSTIC NERVE’s disbandment. 

“Akasaka! Let me feel more!” TAKA shouted for the next popular song, “Binetsu.” The audience swayed happily as TAKA sang powerfully, holding his hand to his chest as he poured his soul into his singing. Stepping to the front of the stage, RYO created a cracking sound with his bass for “Sunny Girl,” receiving cheers each time he made the sound. The playful solo continued until the bassist was satisfied, the song finally starting with TAKA’s cry of “Let’s dance!” swaying his hips and both arms in invitation to fans to dance along. A robust intro was made as bass drums and dark bass notes blended together for “bark.” TAKA expressed his own excitement by coming off the stage to join fans on the floor, exciting them more with his closer presence. The song heated up rapidly as the tempo increased.

“Are you having fun? It’s been a long time. Thank you for coming to see us tonight. Let’s exchange our feelings that have built up after a long time!” TAKA delivered shortly, after which blue spotlights shone down on TAKA and TAL for “Kussetsu.” TAL sat and played the electric guitar sweetly as if it was an acoustic one while TAKA’s clear vocals harmonized with the guitar in the big hall. “AIR” was a bright and poppy number in the set, different from the darker songs that had been played up until that point of the concert, MASAKI’s precise rhythm serving as a highlight in the chorus. 

“I don’t feel that it has been a long time when we are having fun together like this. I was looking forward to the show today. Were you looking forward to it as well? Let me hear more of your voices! I want your voice today! You can crave more!” After TAKA’s riling calls, the twin guitarists heated the audience up in a boisterous way for “Into Yourself –Rebuild Version-,” and the fans jumped high to response to the challenge set forth.

Sayonara Dr. Romantic” was another bright tune in the night’s mix, with TAKA letting the audience sing along as he held out his microphone. TAL took the center stage for his solo, MASATO soon approaching the podium to build the harmony, the two trading glances and smiles. “Overhead RUN-“V”mix- made for an easy listen with its pop chorus. MASAKI received cheers when he raised his drumsticks in a cross form during the bridge, while MASATO followed up with a solo that utilized the high and deep sound skillfully. 

“Thank you for letting us hear so many of your voices. Thank you for showing us so many of your smiles. I am incredibly happy that we were able to celebrate our 15th anniversary together. Thank you very much. Please don’t forget today’s show, as it’s one that we can all surely keep in our hearts. Our debut song is the last song.” The vocalist expressed his feelings before a special version of “Shindou” was began. TAL returned the fans’ smiles as he looked out from his position on stage, while TAKA sang along to the comforting melody of the chorus. “Thank you Freaks! We are TRANSTIC NERVE!”


All of the members returned to the stage in response to the long encore call, wearing the anniversary T-shirts that were only available for that day. Calls for TAL gradually rose until he finally took the mic. “I haven’t seen everyone in a while! However, I don’t feel that it has been a long time because I have been thinking about TRANSTIC NERVE for 5 years. I had the image that you were more energetic! Let’s have fun more from now on!” The encore started with the lovely “Machi,.” TAKA putting his soul into the number with his sweet falsetto. Next up was a popular dance number “Generator” that transformed the floor into a whirling and twirling mass of fans. 

White Feather” had a quick rhythm but the gentle melody glowed with various nostalgic and reflecting qualities like heartache. The melodious jazzy bass stood out inCrevice” as TAKA sang more provocatively to the jazzy mood. A touch of darkness was added to the sound of “Domp Down.” The crowd was divided into two, pitting TAL team against MASATO team for a battle of alternating calls and response. TAKA was appointed to decide the winner but in the end decided it was a draw, praising the fans for their energy. “It was a great scene!” 

TAKA then shared an emotional declaration. “We want to play that song which we, TRANSTIC NERVE, cannot forget. We have been playing with support that came from the various encounters we have had and feelings given to us. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts. We want to deliver this song to hide.” “ever free” was arranged so that the melody and lyrics were able to stand out more. As the sound filled with all of the members’ feelings resonated through the air, it became easy to imagine hide would be listening to the song, sitting the seat prepared for him on that day.

Moving from the past, TAKA summarized what the future had in store for TRANSTIC NERVE. “We spent a lot of time preparing for this show. However, the time flies so quickly. I was so glad that I was able to spend this amazing time together. There was the opinion that we should finish this band with this show, but MASATO said he did not want to finish, because we were TRANSTIC NERVE forever. I know there are various other thoughts, but we have decided to honor his opinion. We wrote a new song including the feelings of the five members. The title also came from that feeling. Thank you very much for today.” Silver streamers flew through the air from stage cannons in the ending of “NEVER END,” the touching song embedded with the members’ souls being kept in the audience’s hearts.

The members came back to the stage for a second encore, opening it with announcements of releases of a DVD, CD, and photobook of the live, to the delight of the crowd. The band chose “Parallel trip” for the last song, a fitting end to a successful night as the accompanying choreography for that song was waving hands, which could be seen as a farewell for now. 

The fans were not the only ones who felt anticipation for the winter revival live, as the members too had been for a long time looking forward to such an opportunity to reunite. With obvious shows of continued comradery in the frequent eye contact and exchanged smiles between the five members, it’s clear that we can look forward to an exciting future, one which includes activities from defspiral as they continue to evolve, until the next revival live. If you want to see the show again, you can get the DVD, CD, and photo book from the official homepage of defspiral!


Set list

  1.  Wake UP Your Mind’s “JESUS”
  2. Whisper
  3. Ghost Talk
  4. Ai to Paranoia
  5. END-second edit-
  6. Getting Closer
  8. Recall
  9. Livid Sonic Diver
  10. Binetsu
  11. Sunny Girl
  12. bark
  13. Kussetsu
  14. AIR
  15. Into Yourself –Rebuild Version-
  16. Sayonara Dr. Romantic
  17. Overhead RUN-“V”mix-
  18. Shindou -15th Anniversary ver.-


  1.  Machi
  2. Generator
  3. White Feather
  4. Crevice
  5. Domp Down
  6. ever free


  1. Parallel trip


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