White Valentine’s DJ NIGHT with SHUN., ZERO, and TSUKASA

Live Report

by Chika Yoshizawa, Mio Nagasaki, posted March 2, 2014

It was snowing heavily on Valentine’s day which was a rare occurrence in Tokyo. Meanwhile, SHUN., ZERO, and TSUKASA from THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S held their 9th DJ event at Shibuya CLUB CRAWL. Their DJ events have been based on various concepts each time and it seemed that following on from their Santa costumed for the Christmas event, the members had worn Santa decided ONE PIECE cosplay as the concept for the Valentine’s event.

SHUN., looking cool in a black jacket, began to prepare right on time and “Second Emblem” struck up to welcome two performers: TSUKASA wearing plain clothes and ZERO cosplaying Trafalgar Law from ONE PIECE. Once the crowd saw him, a scream-like cheer echoed through the venue. Flash rings and penlights shone in the darkness as SHUN. called, “Thank you for coming on such a snowy day! Please enjoy to your heart’s content!” A mirror ball illuminated the floor as “Raimei” began. ZERO beat out the rhythm with a tambourine while TSUKASA conducted instead, leaving the percussion to the bassist. TSUKASA then took up a mic for the catchy and melodious song “GLORIOUS BLAZE” and he sang along to the detonating music. SHUN. swung his long blond and red hair for the rap section with the fans headbanging at concert quality.

 Aggressive songs such as “MONSTER’S ROAR” and “BREAKIG & SHOUT OUT!!!!!” followed and the heat from the crowd increased as they jumped, bent, and moshed in response to the members’ riles. SHUN. showed his sense of humor with a prank in which the headbanging section of “REVERBERATIONS” was repeated unnecessarily. The crowd stopped and started headbanging, kept in a state of wonderment as to whether the next time would be the last or not. The guitarist then chose to follow up with standard, up-beat numbers like “I surrender,” “I’m like a bird in a cage & U too,” and “Curtain Call,” which never failed to fire the audience up at lives and proved solid here, too entertaining without cease until it was easy to forget there was snow piling up outside.

SHUN. broke any remaining ice with the words, “Even though it’s cold outside, you’ve heated up, right?”

ZERO then made the audience laugh. “I am Trafalgar Law today, but put ‘Ze’ before ‘Law.’ I am Trafalgar Ze Law.” To compound it, SHUN. donned a hat with a wig demoting Bartholomew Kuma and a paper mask while TSUKASA put on a cute pink hat belonging to Chopper as a theme song from ONE PIECE played. SHUN. complained, “No fair! ZERO is cool. TSUKASA is cute,” but the fans yelled back that SHUN. was cute, too, and he shyly countered with “Not cute!”

ZERO teased TSUKASA, saying that he was Tsukapper—and Tsukapper, who didn’t know ONE PIECE at all, asked ZERO, “How does that guy talk?”

ZERO coolly answered, “That guy…? He’s a reindeer, though.”

The talk about ONE PIECE continued and ZERO said, “It is amazing to think we have a member who sings one of the theme songs of ONE PIECE, isn’t it?” On that note, SHUN. played “Mabushikute” by THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S vocalist Ricky’s project DASEIN. Throughout, the members continued to play around freely, messing about with other cosplay goods and teasing each other.

Next up, each member took their turn to DJ solo. An old-school VK selection from ZERO began with MALICE MIZER and followed on with Laputa, Kuroyume, and D’ERLANGER. It was a special pocket of time for the members and the fans, during which ZERO’s favorite songs and memories could be shared. Many of the fans seemed to really enjoy the pieces by LUNA SEA, La’cryma Christi, and ROUAGE, and then ZERO finished up with some SIAM SHADE and PIERROT before TSUKASA came back to the DJ booth, having changed into a black suit with his hair swept back hair. Beginning his own section, TSUKASA took the mic for his established enka performance and bowed deeply in the intro of the well-known Japanese enka tune, “Kiyoshi no Zundoko Bushi.” He sang four songs with a wealth of vibrato, pretending to be a real Enka singer. Lastly, SHUN.’s section followed, and he chose to play famous songs which had colored his younger days, asking the fans if his choices were okay.

As the event entered its latter stages, the theme shifted to music for the three DJs previous bands, D’espairsRay and FANATIC♢CRISIS, which the fans had been waiting for. “Forbidden,” “Bullet,” and “in vain,” from D’espairsRay sent the crowd crazy, and ZERO and TSUKASA sang for “Valentine” which suited the day and became interactive with a call and response. Intense headbanging filled the floor throughout the D’espairsRay section. Then, the three tunes chosen for FANATIC♢CRISIS were “MASK,” “HYSTERIC EARTH,” and “ONE.” Following the intensity of D’espairsRay, SHUN. gave the crowd melodious numbers to cool them down a touch. The fans seemed thrilled to enjoy the nostalgic numbers along with the members of those old bands—a phenomenon that could now only take place at this unique kind of DJ event.

 “D’espa’s scary!” cried SHUN..

TSUKASA answered calmly, “Basically, the chord progression is dark.”

Like so, the members had fun talking about their previous bands and started sharing some of their memories with the fans. ZERO revealed that TSUKASA had had to talk to his mother over the phone while onstage as a penalty game when they were in D’espairsRay. He bassist insisted that he couldn’t understand their conversation since TSUKASA took on a strong Northern dialects and claimed that it was more difficult than listening to a conversation in English. However, TSUKASA, who believed he spoke standard Japanese, said that his father had stronger dialects than he did.

SHUN. intervened, saying, “It is almost cosmo-word! I think your father could talk to Ricky!”

After much laughter and a warming trip down memory lane, the music of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S came back at last. “Hikari no Sekai” created a relaxed mood and even as TSUKASA proved himself a bit drunk, he fired the crowd up, tying his tie about his head for “WHITE SOUL.” The fans sang together for the emotional “Photograph,” and then three energetic songs rounded up with night with enjoyable satisfaction all round.


The venue was hot despite the snowy day, and the members shared a fun time with their fans, spanning 50 songs from various genres over three hours. There was an announcement that the next DJ event would be a little different and that the information would be available via the “DJ” banner on THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S official page. This event, at which fans can enjoy not only the music of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’s but also older VK, and even anime songs, would begin to be broadcast via Nico Nico. As the event grows and develops, fans can now tune in from home—and, indeed, from across the world—to take part.

Set list


  1. Second Emblem
  2. Raimei
  7. I surrender
  8. I’m like a bird in a cage & U too
  9. Curtain Call

-ONE PIECE Section-

  1. We are!/(ONE PIECE Theme song)
  2. Mabushikute/DASEIN

-ZERO Section-

  1. N・p・s N・g・s/MALICE MIZER
  2. Naraku no Soko/Laputa
  3. Ai naru Deathmask/Kuroyume
  6. Forest/La’cryma Christi
  7. Queen/ROUAGE
  9. screen1 Torikago/PIERROT

-TSUKASA Section-

  1. Kiyoshi no Zundoko Bushi/Kiyoshi Hikawa
  2. Yukiguni/Ikuzou Yoshi
  3. Itoshiki Hibi/Takao Horiuchi
  4. Kyoudai Bune/Ichirou Toba
  5. Kiseki/GReeeeN
  7. ZERO/B’z

-SHUN. Section-

  1. Bambina/Tomoyasu Hotei
  2. My Sweet Darlin’/Hitomi Yaida
  3. Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai/Nanase Aikawa
  4. Shanghai Honey/ORANGERANGE
  5. Kamen Butoukai/Shounentai
  6. LOVE Machine/Morning Musume.
  7. Koisuru Fortune Cookie/AKB48
  8. Gakuen Tengoku/Kyouko Koizumi
  10. Linda Linda/THE BLUE HEARTS

– D’espairsRay & FANATIC♢CRISIS Section-

  1. Forbidden/D’espairsRay
  2. Bullet/D’espairsRay
  3. in vain/D’espairsRay
  4. Valentine/D’espairsRay


  1. Hikari no Sekai
  3. Photograph
  5. I surrender
  6. Curtain Call


VK Exclusive

There are 20 photos in this visual kei exclusive.

Chika has been interested in visual kei music since VK bands first began holding free lives the Hokoten area in Harajuku. She was too young to go watch them back then in the early 90s, but the scenes on TV caught her eye. Since then, she has loved the passion of VK music and, of course, music in general. She majored in English literature in Japan and learned to speak English in the UK. After graduating from university, she has worked for both American and Japanese companies in IT and as a translator and continues various translations today.

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

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