Yeti 2nd Oneman, Privacy no Shingai

Live Report

by Mio Nagasaki, Maya Kawaguchi, posted March 31, 2014

Yeti celebrated their 2nd oneman with a performance full of surprises. The lights dimmed for the start of the show and the screen on the back wall projected: 12/14, Shibuya Club Asia, Yeti 2nd oneman live. Applause and cheers welcomed the band and each of the members was armed with a big smile for the crowd. They started the show with “welcome,” an unreleased track. Vocalist, Satoshi Suzuki, with his white guitar in hand, sang the bright melody as streaks of light cast down on the members. Soft and smooth, the lights brightened along with the uplifting melody. An electro intro followed to announce “door door.” Satoshi shouted, “Here we go, Tokyo!” as the fans punched their fist to the spirited melody. Gradually, the song grew in pace and numerous hands clapped along to the beat. “Glad to see all of you today!” shouted Satoshi with delight. The next number “picasso” was led by bassist Bikkey who urged the audience to clap along again.  As the crowd warmed up, Satoshi shouted in his high-pitched voice, “Hop, everyone!” His vocals sped along and the crowd jumped to the quick pace “We missed you all!” he shouted, and the fans responded by putting their hands up in the air.

“Good evening! We are Yeti!” Satoshi then greeted. “’Hi,’ to everyone here at Club Asia. Thanks for coming to our 2nd oneman. Our title for this oneman, as you all know, is Privacy Shingai (invasion). When it comes to one’s privacy, it’s something we don’t want others to touch but we want to step into everyone’s privacy so we titled this oneman Privacy Shingai. Let us invade the privacy in your heart! Let’s have fun tonight!” The next song began with a brief introduction by Satoshi. “The fear of farewells led us to make this next song,” he said, and with a white guitar that matched his outfit, Satoshi strummed the opening chords of “iq.” Crisp, clear guitar resounded as the song slowly picked up pace with Bikkey’s strong, fast bass line and Yukihisa Aramaki’s cool guitar solo. In “cheese,” the band drew the venue into a fantastic wonderland as a mouse-suit clad guest appeared onstage to perform a physicalization of the lyrics that Satoshi sang. A story was weaved into the song ad the vocalist and mouse paired up to move in unison and strike cute poses. Simply cute and entertaining, the magical atmosphere of the song spread throughout the venue with the fans waving their hands to the cheery music.

“Please give a round of applause for our guest of the day, Nezumi-kun!” said Satoshi as the mouse plushie left the stage. Bikkey’s gave a good beat to “hands,” his bass rumbling beneath the active tune. Released from the magic of the previous song, the fans clapped and jumped to the rhythm. Bikkey and Yukihisa met each other’s eyes and smiled as they played together on the front platform. Drummer Naoki Tamura stood up, gesturing to the audience to clap along for some extra incentive. The venue heated up further still with the following song, “ju-sin.” “Get your fists up!!,” shouted Satoshi, throwing fuel on the fire. Without missing a beat, the audience shouted back and put their fists into action yet Satoshi chided, “Is that all you’ve got?” The audience vigorously pumped their fists as the lights flashed violently to the heavy music. The tune transitioned through mellower and brighter sections though the heavy spice remained, enhanced with addition of an impressive guitar solo.

The venue dimmed, allowing for voices to rise up and call the names of the members. Satoshi took the mic for an emcee. “Hey, I’m having a great time! Thanks! People who love Yeti are gathered here today. That is amazing. You know, a oneman is like a home and it’s December so it’s getting cold! Warm yourselves at heart here, alright? I hope it can be a home for you all. I feel we are close here. I can see your faces and hear your voices! Tokyo! Give us more shouts! Ok! Here we GO!”

Satoshi thus fired up the audience as he announced the next song, “ie.” Fast and heavy, the music had the crowd careening forward from the waist. With a satisfied smile, the vocalist high-fived the fans and turned the mic toward them to sing the last verses. Then, with an electronic beat, “Monochro” began. Midway through the song, Yukihisa played a groovy guitar solo before the fans resumed clapping and waving their arms through the air. A wide smile spread across Satoshi’s face as he thanked the audience before resuming with the towel-twirling “green.” Colorful lights blossomed everywhere as the chase of bass and drum highlighted the song. After the very lively “green,” the venue calmed down for “home.” “I would like to sing this to all of you who came here today,” said Satoshi as warm orange light fell across the hall. Hundreds of hands were raised aloft and waved gently to the soft, warm melody.  “Thanks. Please put your hands up!” Satoshi said as he started clapping above of his head. The fans followed suit. “Let’s have fun!” he added as the band then broke into the upbeat “ten to ten.” The guitarist and bassist changed sides as they fueled up the fans for more clapping and jumping. “1, 2, 3, 4! Let us see more!” shouted Satoshi as the crowd steamed up for the end of the main set. The members were all smiles, waving at the crowd to thank them until the lights slowly dimmed and they made their way backstage.

As the stage darkened, the screen at the back projected Yeti’s upcoming events and release: Yeti presents, Shushai (hosted) Live #2 on April 27, the band’s 3rd mini album due on April 30, and a one-man tour titled Satou to Shio (sugar and salt) in May.

The screen then showed the members who were each wearing kigurumi (animal themed suits): Satoshi as a Panda, Yukihisa as a Dog, Bikkey as a Tiger, and Naoki as a Koala. In a short film, the members repeated the announcements and the crowd got to enjoy scenes of the band joking around. “Before we go to the encore, please shout out the members’ names, OK?” said Satoshi-Panda “So, who shall we call first? Na-chan?” Onscreen, Naoki took the front for the audience to shout out his name then he disappeared from the video and reappeared onstage. Bikkey and Yukihisa followed suit with Satoshi being the last to materialize from out of the video.

“Thank you for the encore!” shouted Satoshi as the audience applauded. “I would like to present this new song to the fans here today.” “suki” began with Bikkey playing a jazzy line to the simple, mellow melody. The audience swayed in appreciation as the took in the new song.

Before the last two songs were played, the members took turns to comment. Satoshi was first, taking up their band towel in his hand. “Once again, thank you! Today was really fun. Approximately one year ago, we appeared on this stage in pajamas but I couldn’t imagine myself wearing an animal suit! Since it’s a oneman today, I’m going to let the members speak.”

The mic was handed to Yukihisa who shouted, “Let me hear all of your voices!” The crowd responded with a shower of cheers. Delighted, he resumed, “Yeti is the first band I actually experienced a one-man with. I’m fortunate to have experienced it. Like Satoshi said, in this place, there are only people who love Yeti, and that’s nice. Wait, that means, all of you here are mine! Thank you for coming today!”

As the venue erupted with laughter, Yukihisa handed the mic to Naoki. “Good evening, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been one year since we formed this band. My hair has grown… Anyway, today we have band towels and other new goods for sale like gacha capsules. I hope all of you enjoy it until the end!”

Bikkey took the mic next to say, “Call me sensei (teacher)!” The crowd were happy to comply. With a devilish grin, he commented, “That sounds GOOD! You all are MINE!”

Finally, Satoshi took the mic amid the gales of laughter. “Why are you guys scrambling desperately to claim the fans today? Did you all see our announcements?” he then asked of the audience. “We are going to get through this cold winter for the spring events, ok? You know, I feel like I exist here to sing to all of you. I hope to see you all again! Let’s sing this next song together!”

The encore resumed with, “nagashi.” Tapping his foot lightly to the rhythm, Satoshi basked in the shower of lights that concentrated on him while Yukihisa’s guitar solo shined in the interlude. For the finale, the band chose an energetic end, reprising “ie.” “Will you all go into a frenzy for us for the last song?” shouted Satoshi, provoking the audience into a mosh as the lights flickered violently to the fast-paced music. Fists shot up and hair flew everywhere before the venue shook to the beat materialized by the jumping crowd. The members were grinning from ear to ear as they closed the door on a very satisfying oneman.

Set list

  1. Welcome
  2. door door
  3. Picasso
  4. Iq
  5. Cheese
  6. Hands
  7. ju-sin
  8. ie
  9. monochro
  10. green
  11. home
  12. ten to ten


  1. suki
  2. nagashi
  3. ie

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Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

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