YOKOHAMA SUMMER ROCK FES “Revolution Rocks 2012”: Ra:IN 2012 Tour Final

Live Report

by Diana Tome, Yuliya Libkina, posted November 26, 2012

THE CLUB SENSATION gathered some high caliber bands at Yokohama Bay Hall for “YOKOHAMA SUMMER ROCK FES. – Revolution Rocks 2012.” LADIES ROOM, Tokyo Yankees, AGE of PUNK, CUTT and DER ZIBET joined Ra:IN in a unforgettable show that brought back the founding roots of VK.

ROKKYUU were there on September 2nd and leave you with the three bands which musically and visually maintain the closest connection to the genre.


A huge fan of X-JAPAN and previously signed to hide’s label LEMONed CUTT made sure to homage his “sempais” by kicking off the show with a loud and punkish cover of hide’s “POSE.”  Doing a superb job between vocals and guitar he set the hall ablaze with his interesting version of the song where growls and blasting drums made for a contagious and fresh number. The crowd’s response couldn’t have been better as the crowd raised arms to the sky yelling out the chorus in unison. The piano intro of X’s “Silent Jealousy” was brought with it a collective yell of surprise, the song suddenly changing allowing hide’s “ROCKET DIVE” to blast its way through with its cheerful yet defying chorus. Fast and loud the number brought the guitar to the spotlight for a loud and fast riff the crowd accompanied dancing and singing enthusiastically to the tune.

“We also have some original songs” the leadman grinned as he casually tuned his guitar. “I’ve always liked X, how they managed to mix heavy and soft so amazingly, I leave you with a ballad.” “Marigold” did exactly that, starting sweet to an acoustic guitar and building up for a heavy finale where the plea turned to air cutting growls, the guitar standing out in a beautiful and memorable number. Electric guitar back in hand CUTT moved on to “Thermal” the pace fast and strong in a punk rock fashion. Drums raced, closely accompanied by the hot bass while the vocalist let his fingers dance over the guitar strings with some passionate riffs. The crowd’s response was quite effusive and the four men on stage kept moving, the vocalist dancing constantly as he fired up the crowd.

Losers” followed in a heavy yet cheerful fashion, the crowd pumping fists for the fierce and hopeful finale. The vocals grew gradually harsher, growls and yells igniting the room between fast riffs.”Yokoahama, thank you so much!” the vocalist yelled out, the rest of his speech muffled by the instrumentals that blasted loud and fast for the final number “Time Machine.” Rock and pop mingled in a lukewarm dance of defiant and sweet that got the crowd swaying between claps and jumps. It was indeed a fresh and contagious performance that certainly scored CUTT some new followers.

Set list

  1. POSE (hide cover)
  2. ROCKET DIVE (hide cover)
  3. Marigold
  4. Thermal
  5. Losers
  6. Time Machine


Dark and theatrical DER ZIBET made their entrance to a gloomy intro. Hikaru (guitar), Hal (bass), Mayumi (drums) and Mahito (keyboard) came in first, Issay (vocals) walking slowly behind them all clad in black, his snow white skin giving him a vampire-like appearance. The lights washed the hall in purple tones for the hot “Tengoku he OVER DRIVE.” Trench coat flowing and twirling around him Issay fired up the crowd between dances and dramatic poses that spiced up the performance. “Hello, we are DER ZIBET!” the vocalist welcomed before Hikaru took the lead for “SISTER ROMANOID.” The rhythm section galloped fiercely through the song with Mayumi and Mahito showing all their skill as they set the pace for the enthusiastic crowd. Unbuttoning his black laced shirt Issay teased the fans, the girls in the front rushing to him as he moved across the stage, vocals elevating with ease for yet another strong number.

Feisty guitar riffs and strong bass bits continued for “Hadashi no LADY DOLL,” the tone changing for the fierce intro, the vocalist’s cries engulfing the hall in a haunting echo. The heat of the performance rose and the buttons on Issay’s shirt kept coming off. Hikaru took the song home with a precise riff, fingers dancing over strings. The instrumentals ceased and one loud “You are so cool Issay!” stood out, the vocalist’s casual laugh as he said “Thank you!” contrasting with the band’s cool and detached image. Loud and hard “PRAYER” followed in a whirlpool of sound, the ruminating riffs and Hal’s jazzy bass lines giving the song a fresh tone. The percussion went wild setting the pace for the crowd’s moving arms and Issay’s sensuous dances. Hikaru’s guitar speeded away full force with plenty off effects as he headbanged to the tune while Issay convulsed to the beat as in a trance, a fierce kick taking the song home.

The heavy numbers continued with “Shinkaigyo” instrumentals taking the hall on a feisty ride as the vocalist demanded more, bending backwards between half growled lyrics, his voice fierce and demanding. As the audience shouted “Oi!” repeatedly Issay got rid of his trench coat, the skirt unbuttoned to the waist for the hot “Psycho Lizard.”   Like a hunting black panther Issay moved smoothly across the stage, bending forward dangerously as if about to attack. Arms surrounded the vocalist who didn’t seem fazed by the female approaches. Red materialized under fiery lights for the last number “Wasurenagusa,” the slow and fierce tune accompanied by blazing bass and guitar riffs that mingled cleverly with the drums and keyboard for a passionate finale. The vocals were superb, the piano in the back adding to the whole bit, sweet and strong coming together smoothly.

Set list

  1. Tengoku he OVER DRIVE
  3. Hadashi no LADY DOLL
  5. Shinkaigyo
  6. Psycho Lizard
  7. Wasurenagusa

Ra:IN “Japan Tour 2012 Final!”

Ra :IN walked in fully armed and ready to battle to a fierce tune that got the hall off their feet, arms up as they welcomed michiaki (bass), PATA (guitar) and Tetsu (drums) for their 2012 tour final. The set started with the sound of rain appropriately engulfing the hall.  Drums roaring, the strings took over for the passionate “KAI,” michiaki and PATA taking turns in the front, fingers caressing the strings with precision for mind-blowing riffs that awed the audience. The heat rose and the ride speeded up, with Tetsu delivering powerful hits to the cymbals under burning red lights. The drummer kicked off “Cloudscope,” the bass becoming harsher and stronger and setting the pace for the crowd who mimicked michiaki headbanging passionately. Bass and guitar met in the center of the stage for a heated duel, michiaki falling on his knees dramatically as he focused on the strings. From a bright and joyful start the song darkened, the tune growing pessimistic as the bass deepened and the guitar raced in a tearful solo.

“Tokyo, please enjoy!” the bassist – and show’s host – yelled out welcomingly in English. The connection between the songs never really broke, the instrumentals reassuming their fast paced journey promptly for “Signal.” The energy was positive and contagious, the string duo meeting once more in the center for a feisty battle. Knees almost kissing the floor michiaki and PATA were unstoppable delivering unforgettable riffs with un-matching showmanship.  Tetsu surely kept up with his fast and vigorous drumming, sticks rising and falling at high speed as he led the transition to “Under the technopolis.” Blue took over as the hall was transported to Ra:IN’s underground world. The bass work stood out michiaki seeming ready to battle as he pointed the guitar to the audience. The tune and lights gave the whole scene an apocalyptical tinge, the instrumentals fierce and strong.

Dive” started slow and dark for a midnight lonesome drive. “This is a new song!” michiaki explained before the song brightened up and the positive tune got the crowd swaying. Band and fans seemed to be having a blast, michiaki moving constantly and helping out with vocals. PATA took the forefront with a smile for yet another powerful solo, the crowd’s dancing arms making for a nice landscape. Wish” proceeded to fast drums and distorted guitars and blazing bass riffs that got the hall thrashing heads. Ra:IN had the crowd in their hands, jumping and dancing cheerfully to the beat.

Summer” closed the set, the instrumentals incredibly fast and strong in a song that blew the hall away, vocals not at all missed as the three ignited Bay Hall with their impressive skill and charisma. The crowd wasn’t ready to go home just yet and the encore demand was soon granted, CUTT explaining “I didn’t have time to prepare for the encore! I was backstage and michiaki just told me “You come with me and read this!”” The crowd laughed and cheered as he introduced a hot and remarkable session. Members of Tokyo Yankees, LADIES ROOM, CUTT, Age of Punk and DER ZIBET gathered on stage for the classic “20th Century Boy.” The number was wild and unruly with Issay taking over the vocals while the other men moved casually around the stage beer bottles in hand as they joyfully sang with the crowd. It was a thunderous finale for an explosive show that brought 80es rock back to life with all its antics and passion.

Set list

  1. KAI
  2. Cloudscope
  3. Signal
  4. Under the technopolis
  5. Dive
  6. Wish
  7. Summer


  1. 20th Century Boy


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Diana Tome saw her life change when she came across X-Japan's Blue Blood. A big supporter of old school visual rock, she believes visual kei is a lifestyle and philosophy that goes beyond the clothing and the music. With a background in headhunting and psychotherapy, Diana completed her M.A. in Psychology from I.S.P.A. in Lisbon, Portugal. She now lives and works in Japan committed to keeping the VK/V-rock flame alive.

@YuliyaPhoTop (Twitter) Yuliya is originally a fashion and portrait photographer with a BA from the London College of Fashion. Being a Japanophile with a passion for the Japanese rock scene and especially for old school visual kei, she moved to Japan where she found a chance to combine photography and music with ROKKYUU's help. Now she is based in Tokyo, where she keeps on rocking and shooting, enjoying every bit of it.

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