SRASH NOTES GARDEN’s Lovegazer at Ikebukuro Edge

Live Report

by Mio Nagasaki, Maya Kawaguchi, posted August 19, 2014

SRASH NOTES GARDEN held their second oneman on June 14 at Ikebukuro EDGE, revealing two different costumes from their two-month consecutive releases ACHRO and CHROM. The set list was mainly based on the two new mini albums and through that, the band put on a great show with a wide variety of music that surely showcased a new wave of talent come to the visual kei scene.

Young girls wearing the band’s original jacket and T-shirts readied themselves as the curtain opened. While the fans clapped to the rhythm of the upbeat music, the members appeared and took their positions. The drummer took the first strike as the set started with “OP~Genzai shinkou hon.” Fans let their fists fly, right away, to the paced song. Hatch’s vibrant vocals shot up to the main melody as towels swung through the air. Under the palette of colorful lights, guitarist Saya and bassist Rega faced each other and performed in delight as the music warmed up the venue for a steamy beginning.

Mushiba,” up next, approached a different style and took the crowd into a good-old dark VK atmosphere. Red lights swung aggressively to the heavy music as Hatch’s shouts induced pumping fists among the crowd. Saya and Rega gestured for more fury in the hurling fists and the fans obliged. Next came the band’s signature song, “Mr.Jane;” heavy yet catchy, it had the crowd keeping their fists in the air whenever they weren’t headbanging. With a rap chorus by Rega during the interlude and a guitar solo by Hatch, the variety of the band’s performance kept up a good vibe.

Hatch strummed his guitar as they dove into “Speaking choir.” With the constant beat of the drums, the song went from a quiet intro, drastically changing to a swift melody. After the electronic chorus by Saya and Rega’s mellow bass, the melody sped up with a thundering drum roll and it was Saya’s time to shine with a guitar solo that drew the fans’ reaching arms toward him. Support drummer Tetsuro hit his sticks together and counted in Daydream.” During the mellow introduction, Hatch gestured with his hands. Meanwhile, Saya and Rega were all smiles as the fans energetically jumped to the much more upbeat melody. The atmosphere changed with arpeggios of guitar which started off “When you lost in love.” Slow at first, though riding the wave of the popish sound, the song gradually blended rock into its melody as it raced ahead with rap choruses.

It was worth a moment’s appreciation before the band left the stage to Tetsuro for a drum solo. “Give me your voices!” shouted, Tetsuro as the audience let out their shrill voices. With an ear to ear grin, Tetsuro presented a dynamic drum solo that had the house pinned to the spot. Afterward, putting down the drum sticks, he spoke about SNG’s upcoming release while the members were changing into their next costume.

As the members came back to the stage attired in white shirts, Hatch urged the fans to yell louder. The band resumed with “Knife” as the guitars brought about a keen sound with a refreshing, mid-tempo flow. Fists shot into the air as the song gradually gained heaviness with more rap from Rega. From that refreshing melody, the band moved onto “Jinzou savant.” Green lazers shot through the venue, creating a cosmic atmosphere that played to Hatch’s utilization of many vocal styles. Fun yet harsh, the song induced jumping, bending, and many other types of choreography. The energy of that busy number was followed by “_Re,” a mellow song with a powerful message. The crowd clapped to the rhythm as Rega took the mic to thank the audience and, as Hatch sang the uplifting melody, numerous hands fluttered along in the air.

Hatch took the mic for their first emcee of the day. “Hi! We are SRASH NOTES GARDEN, yeah! I am having fun right now. How about all of you? Having fun?” The audience responded with shouts of “Yes!” but Hatch wasn’t impressed. “You can do better! Louder!“ The audience yelled as Hatch put the mic to the floor and grinned delighted at the response.

“The next song we are going to do is from our latest album, Chrom. When Saya brought this song to the table, I didn’t know what to do with the lyrics, at first. The song gives drastic changes in melody I have wondered what kind of lyrics would be good. As a result, the lyric turned out to be about people that are close to you. While the theme was in creation, I wondered, ’What would happen if the phones we always carry around had feelings? How agonizing would it be when the phone’s owner suddenly changes?’ Anyway, please listen to this song and think about the people close to you.” An unexpected aggressiveness took the stage as “Cruel lovers” resumed the show. Melodies surfed the soundwaves, changing drastically and devouring the venue in a storm of both regular headbanging and the VK oritatami vertical headbanding style.

Belphegor” fanned the flames as the floor scooted left to right to the rushing music. The stage was just as vital; Saya and Rega faced each other with big smiles as they slid their fingers about their instruments and Hatch twirled lightly to the music, enjoying the vibe. The live hit a storm front with “Kill” as eerie distorted guitar and rumbling bass disolved the floor into chaos, fans moshing in circles. With Hatch urging more energy from them in “Effectronic soda,” both the stage and the floor jumped to the beat, their hands up in the air, clapping in rhythm. Rega shouted encouragement of their leaping and the crowd gave it their all.

As they made the last jump, Hatch shouted out “Last” and “Answer of SNG” shook the venue with careening music that had the fans crazily shaking their heads. In the midst of the song there was a ritualistic scene where the crowd split in two sides, leaving a space in the center. At the signal, the fans clashed into each other, ending up in a mosh. The members finished up this main set with delighted expressions as they made their gratitude known.

Hatch came back to the stage wearing SRASH NOTES GARDEN’s original T-shirt and sporting an acoustic guitar. Fans showered him with calls as he smiled and said, “Thanks for the encore! I’m going to sing a song. Please listen.” With the spotlight on Hatch, “Methuselah no shitade aou” started the encore. The slow ballad gently flowed in the quiet as the fans listen carefully until the other members showed up in the midst of the song. As it was layered with the other instruments, the tone grew more uplifting and in the end, the band was showered with applause.

The members each spoke a word before the next song. Rega took the mic first to say, “Thank you for coming to our oneman, today. We made two releases and I’ve had a great time during these two months. Thank you! I feel we can still get closer to the top. Anyway, I’ll lend the mic to our guitarist, Saya.” “Thank you for today. I really do want for our name to known and to play at bigger places. Let’s hope to achieve it!” After his brief words, Saya passed the mic to Hatch. The vocalist looked straight at the audience. “Thanks to all of you here, we were able to do this oneman. We really want to play at bigger venues. We’re not going to stop any time soon! We are aiming to go further at full speed and that is how much we feel for playing music.”

After the members’ messages, the band resumed their encore with “Dreaming Boy.” Refreshingly uplifting, the song allowed the members to display their smiles in full while the fans’ towels swirled in the air. Once again, Rega’s rap chorus, Saya’s guitar solo, and Hatch’s vibrant vocals all left strong impressions. Afterward, the curtain closed on the band for a brief break and opened one last time in order to close the live with “Male.” The lights brightened as acoustic guitar strummed quietly and the mirror ball above the stage rotated to the bright melody. Hatch’s vocals were strong and in the course of the song, both rap and guitar blended comfortably, bringing the end about on an uplifting note. Emotional, the band hugged each other, thanked their fans many times, and bid farewell. Though still a young band, SRASH NOTES GARDEN showed a unique set of colors in their music. As they said in their brief emcees, they have yet to slow down and have a strong will to go further. It is not unlikely that they will have the opportunity to enjoy a bigger venue in the near future.

Set list

  1. OP~Genzai shinkou hon
  2. Mushiba
  3. MrJane
  4. Speaking choir
  5. Daydream
  6. When you lost in love
  7. Knife
  8. Jinzou savant
  9. Re
  10. Cruel lovers
  11. Belphegor
  12. Kill
  13. Effectronic soda
  14. Answer of SNG

Encore 1

  1. Methuselah no shitade aou
  2. Dreaming Boy

Encore 2

  1. Male

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Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

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