hide FILM ALIVE!! ~ hide Memorial Day 2014 ~

Live Report

by Maya Kawaguchi, Seka, posted July 1, 2014

Marking the 16th year since hide had passed away, the legend lives on in the hearts of his followers. The film live, hide FILM ALIVE!!, which was held in Club Citta’ on May 3 was not just any other day for hide fans but a day to celebrate the legend’s existence which—no doubt—is strongly embedded in the hearts of the fans. They rushed into the venue, many attired in vivid colors with cosplayers among them standing out in a variation of costumes from every period of hide’s career.

The fervent yell of “hide!“ filled the venue as the lights went dark and attention became fixed on the screen. The film live started with the MV of “ELECTRIC CUCUMBER” from hide’s early band, zilch. Then, an introductory film of hide’s history from his childhood to his early band years was aired, producing an array of photos which showed a glimpse of hide’s roots while “A STORY” played in the background. Then, the making of hide’s first solo number, “EYES LOVE YOU,” was screened as an encore from the previous year’s screening. The behind the scenes video showed the process of making the well-loved music video featuring many shots of hide in different costumes. His expressions during the off-shot gave a warm impression of his great smiles during the course of the filming. From the behind the scenes, footage of hide’s first solo release to the fans showed hundreds of them anticipating the music video as they waited in front of the crosswalk screen in Harajuku. A glimpse of hide’s serious attitude towards music was seen during his studio rehearsal as he checked the sound religiously until he was convinced that it was ready.

Then began hide’s first solo tour 1994 show “HIDE OUR PSYCHOMMUNITY~welcome to hide’s room~” which hit the screens of Citta as hide and his band-mates took to the stage immortalized in film. The shouts of the crowd in the film and those throughout Citta came together at once as the atmosphere drastically changed, welcoming hide as if he was there in person. Lights danced in the same way they did on film, creating a kind of revival of the hide’s first solo live. In the title song, “PSYCHOMMUNITY,” the lights in Citta flickered in unison with the film. Then, in “DICE,” hide fired up the audience with his shouts as fans pumped their fist up to the heavy tune. “I’m gonna dance to the next song. Go ahead and dance freely to the music!” said hide as “SCANNER” and “50% & 50%” had the audience clapping and waving hands. Sometimes gesturing thrown kisses, hide fully utilized the stage and freely danced to the songs. Then, in midst of “D.O.D.[DRINK OR DIE],” hide introduced each of his band members—linking each of their drinking habits while the audiences burst into laughter. In “BLUE SKY COMPLEX,” there was a scene where hide faced PATA as they high-fived and played their guitars face to face; both had an ear to ear grin and it was a moment that caused the venue to erupt in cheers.

The cheers and applause grew to envelope the venue until, from the dimmed screen, member calls were gradually heard and the instrumental “CRIME OF BREEN St” began. With acoustic guitar in hand, hide strummed the melody as both audiences fell silent to appreciate the piece. The silence didn’t last for long, though, as hide left the stage with his acoustic guitar and came back ready for the danceable “DOUBT“ which swept the audiences away with bursting sound and lights that flickered alarmingly to the rowdy music. In “OBLAAT,” hide ran about the stage with a devilish smile, like a child caught up in the upbeat music that steamed both audiences into pumping their fists. “TELL ME” followed, featuring the show where the famous video shoot took place. Stepping onto the end of a crane, a grinning hide waved at the audience; hundreds of hands reaching out toward him. “PSYCHOMMUNITY EXIT” then closed that tour’s portion of the evening as hide waved goodbye and said, “Thanks for coming! Please come again and enjoy!” in completion of his first solo tour.

Next up came a collection of hide’s best footage starting with “MISCAST/ DOUBT” from “HIDE’S ROOM ’93 (a hide solo corner familiar in X JAPAN lives )” then moving on to “POSE” from the 1996 2nd solo tour “PSYENCE A GO GO” where laser lights beamed across the venue presenting a cosmic atmosphere as hide’s existence swept both crowds up in the colorful and charismatic charm he possessed. “HIDE’S ROOM ’94”,“CELEBRATION” delivered a sensual presentation with sexy female dancers surrounding hide and dazzling sound that had the fans moving their bodies to the music. “Beauty & Stupid” of the hide produced 1996 outdoor event “ hide Indian Summer Special” followed with more dancers surrounding the band, the live audience clapped in unison with those caught on film to the upbeat addictive beat. Then, “EYES LOVE YOU” from HIDE’S ROOM 95’ played followed by “POSE” from HIDE’S ROOM 96’ before the last spectacular live scene was capped off with “FLAME;” the performance greeted with thousands hands joined in applause—from both audiences.

However, those presently attending in Citta were in for more as shoots of TV performances and music videos were shown; from “ROCKET DIVE” performed for the NHK music show POP JAM to “PINK SPIDER” MV and, on to a special edition of “ever free” where two types of music video images alternated. The mirror ball rotated gently as “HURRY GO ROUND” closed the set of hide’s best music video’s and the main portion of the event.

An encore had the audience in for some surprises with an original music video of “Junk Story” where a past film live and various footage of hide were mixed together with a certain unity. Then, a repeat of “ROCKET DIVE” definitely put fire into the hearts of the audience as silver tape exploded in the air above and everyone began to wave their hands to the music.

The surprises didn’t end there, though. As the screens on the side walls showed images of hide, the main screen presented a surprise message from Yoshiki—hide’s fellow bandmate from his X JAPAN days. “Thank you for gathering at hide’s FILM ALIVE. When we, X JAPAN, go on tour, we feel hide is always by our side. He will always be a member of X JAPAN and, with him in our hearts, we will perform at Madison Square Garden in October. Please continue loving hide.” The heartwarming message delivered to close the day had the audience shouting gratitude and many stayed after the show to express their gratitude to the people who made this unique film gig possible.

The legend of hide lives on in the hearts of many and hide FILM ALIVE!! is surely proof of that. Though he may be out of reach in a sense, the annual film gig and various projects constantly underway mean that there is no reason to miss out on experience hide in concert.

Set list


  2. A STORY (hide history movie)

1st solo tour 94’ “ HIDE OUR PSYCHOMMUNITY ~Welcome to hide’s room~” fan club event venue: Kawaguchi Lilia Hall

  2. DICE
  4. 50% & 50%
  5. D.O.D. [DRINK OR DIE]
  7. CRIME OF BREEN St. (Instrumental)
  8. DOUBT
  10. TELL ME *MV Shooting

hide BEST Vol.1

  2. POSE  ( hide solo tour ’96 “PSYENCE A GO GO “)
  4. Beauty & Stupid  ( 96’ “ hide Indian Summer Special “ @ Chiba Marine Stadium )
  6. POSE ( HIDE’S ROOM 96’ )
  7. FLAME ( hide solo tour ’96 “ PSYENCE A GO GO “ )

hide BEST Vol.2

  3. ever free


  1. Junk story

VK Exclusive

There are 35 photos in this visual kei exclusive.

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

Seka is a freelance photographer who started her activities in 2009 by making exhibition in her own country. Interested by Japan since her childhood, she got the chance to take pictures of several bands in Tokyo since 2012 and is still trying to do her best to take more and more better pictures to make everyone feel the atmosphere of those amazing concerts.

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