LM.C’s PERFECT RAINBOW –Release Party-

Live Report

by Chika Yoshizawa, posted April 14, 2015

On December 30, LM.C held their last live of 2014 at Shibuya Koukaidou titled PERFECT RAINBOW –Release Party-, after their latest album which was released two weeks prior to the event. The unit entertained the crowd with not only new songs from the new album but also older, popular songs.

The fantastic opening music dominated the venue as purple and blue lights shone mysteriously. A gentle piano melody joined in the music as the big curtain slowly opened, the crowd starting to clap their hands when the tempo increased. Vocalist maya drew stares from the crowd as he stood in the spotlight, singing in English along with the piano for “JUST LIKE THIS!!” after the other members appeared on the stage. As the song continued, the mood changed drastically while the audience pumped their fists to the catchy melody. When the first song ended, guitarist Aiji raised his right hand as if to gather energy from the crowd for the next song, “MOGURA.” The number started with a busy guitar line, the mirror ball throwing glittering lights around the big hall. maya swung around the mic to up-tempo tune, as fans proceeded to throw themselves forward during the bridge.

“Shibuya! LM.C have come back to Shibukou! Are you ready to enjoy the show? This is a release party for the new album. So let’s get excited right from the start!” maya welcomed the fans, following up with “Amnizia” in which the added synthesizer made an impact on the sound, although the song become more melodious during the chorus. As maya mixed in hand gestures with his powerful singing, the hall was filled with Aiji’s echoing guitars. As the clapping began in sync with the rhythm from the bass drums, maya addressed the crowd once more. “Because we are not supposed to finish the show only with new songs, we will play old songs as well!” Both members and fans enjoyed a phase of call & response in the energetic song, “DOUBLE DRAGON.” A sense of unity was created as if the crowd participated in the music in order to complete the song.

maya invited the audience to a dance party with the number, “My Favorite Monster,” introducing a touch of techno to the night. A thumping rhythm was created with digital sound work, while Aiji’s guitar heated the song up more. Large balloons and balls flew about the hall in “Minor Leaguers’ Song” as maya rapped out the lyrics, all while kicking said balloons and balls back to the crowd as the flying objects approached the stage. With “LADY TALK,” maya transitioned to sweeter notes in his singing style as he stared out at the audience. Aiji’s guitar complemented the gentle song, fine notes adding another layer of depth that stood out in the composition.

“We have played as LM.C for 8 years. 2014 is ending soon. I know you had various troubles this year, but don’t worry! I think everything is going to be okay if we can say “I am happy” when we die.” After maya shared the encouraging message, he followed with “COMBATmode,” pulling the hood over his head to imitate a rapper. In spite of the quick rhythm created by the bass and the drums, the fans enthusiastically stepped up to the challenge of dancing along to the choreography. Aiji laid a heavy hand on his guitar strings for “CRAZY A GO GO,” as the crowd headbanged harshly to the music. The vocalist riled up the fans with his use of a personal trampoline to aid in his jumps.

The crowd continued to move about during the intro of “OH MY JULIET.” as the catchy melody of the chorus resounded in the hall. As a Spanish-influenced sound was mixed in the bridge, cheers arose from the audience. “88” started with sweet piano notes, signaling the fans to bring out their blue penlights to illuminate the hall floor while orange lights came from behind the stage. When maya held the mic to the crowd, they obliged to his request, unified voices echoing loudly about the hall.

A moment of rest, with a touch of heartache, was introduced to the show via the slow-tempo song, “Kimiyo Saraba.” The vocalist sang at the stand mic with a clear voice, while Aiji supported the tune with a strong guitar solo. “meteorion” served to brighten the hall as the mirror ball was lit, and maya brought back more a more cheerful quality to his vocals.

“Shibukou is so nice. I am so sad that this venue is going to close. I want to be able to play here for one more time!” Shortly after maya expressed the regrets of the venue’s upcoming closing, the members demanded the crowd to clap their hands to the digital intro of “SUPER DUPER GALAXY,” as the heavy sound took over the venue. The fans continued the dance party, jumping along and pumping their fists in the air for the pop number, “BABY TALK.” maya then gave the cue for the next well-known tune, “The password to happiness! ‘Ah! Hah!’” The stage became even brighter with colorful lights, an enjoyable atmosphere created utilizing big rainbows on the stage as everyone participated in the interactive tune.

“Everyone here has made me feel so happy. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. I am sad that each second is passing. If we can finish today with happy feelings, I think everything in 2014 will be okay. I am so grateful that I am alive.” “Brand New Rainbow” cast a mood of mystery about the venue following maya’s words. As the rhythm was set by the drums, the melodious bass stood out in the up-tempo chorus. The echoing melody in “The LOVE SONG” was memorable as it combined with the soothing lyrics to reach for the fans’ hearts.

The vocalist and the audience brought out their towels to swing in “We are LM.C!! –The Anthem of Strong Pop-“ although maya soon switched over to holding the stand mic horizontally as he rocked out at the front of the stage. Aiji went to the right side of the stage for the first time that night in “LET ME’ CRAZY!! to rile the fans up further as maya cried out “Let me hear your voice!” The vocalist danced provocatively, flashing his shoulder in “Chameleon Dance,” as the fans danced about on the floor between the rows in a wild manner.

“I have one song that I want to sing again before the last song. Can you sing with me? I hope to sing this song with you again by the time the next tour ends. Please listen to our proof of how much we have grown in only one day!” The unit once more presented “JUST LIKE THIS!!” to heat up the venue again, the second round with more energy than the first as promised. The last song of the night was “Rock the LM.C,” the duo’s signature go-to song for lives. The big letters of LM.C glittered behind the stage, and balloons of the rabbit mascot were quickly dispensed from the stage as the show ended.

After the last notes had faded, Aiji expressed, “We were able to create a wonderful album as well as have a great release party. Although there are times I feel rushed because the increasing expectations as each year passes, please continue to support us. Also, please come to the tour, which will start from March 2015.” maya delivered his final words before the two departed. “We will play like this forever, so come play with us during the upcoming tour! Thank you! We are LM.C! Peace!”

While there was no encore, the members performed to the best of their ability for the main set, making a repeat performance unnecessary. LM.C’s unit formation is rare in the visual kei scene, but with a unique and strong presence, the duo is sure to bring even more heat with their new album’s songs as they presented to their fans and music industry at the exciting release party.


  3. Amnizia
  5. My Favorite Monster
  6. Minor Leaguers’ Song
  8. COMBATmode
  10. Z-MAN
  12. 88
  13. Kimiyo Saraba
  14. meteorion
  17. Ah Hah!
  18. Brand New Rainbow
  19. The LOVE SONG
  20. We are LM.C!! –The Anthem of Strong Pop-
  21. LET ME’ CRAZY!!
  22. Chameleon Dance
  24. Rock the LM.C

Chika has been interested in visual kei music since VK bands first began holding free lives the Hokoten area in Harajuku. She was too young to go watch them back then in the early 90s, but the scenes on TV caught her eye. Since then, she has loved the passion of VK music and, of course, music in general. She majored in English literature in Japan and learned to speak English in the UK. After graduating from university, she has worked for both American and Japanese companies in IT and as a translator and continues various translations today.

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