Silver Ash’s Rebirth: Giveaway Competition!


by Sarah Jones, posted April 12, 2013

Some people celebrate with cake but for the release of REBORN, Silver Ash have decided to give you, the fans, the presents.  ROKKYUU have teamed up with Silver Ash to offer a fantastic giveaway to two lucky fans!

Following their return to the international music stage, ROKKYUU caught up with the Chinese visual kei pioneers for an interview with vocalist Ling for their thoughts on their return, their new musical direction and their future plans.

We have two signed copies of Pretty But Evil  to win. You just need to read the interview with Ling and then comment below answering the following question:

“What is your opinion on what Ling said about Silver Ash’s change in musical style?”

The competition closes on April 24, 2013.

The lucky winners will be chosen by the ROKKYUU team based on their answers and notified by May 1, 2013.

Good luck and in the words of Ling, “ROCK YOU!”

Sarah began her journey into the world of Japanese music courtesy of L'Arc-en-Ciel back in the year 2000. Since then, she has combined a love of music and music journalism into writing for European Japanese music magazines and assisting with Japanese interest events in the UK. After graduating in Law from the University of Nottingham, she put 'the law-thing' on the backburner to dive into the live scene in Tokyo for 3 years. Sarah returned to the UK in September 2010 to do that 'law-thing' and now works for a Japanese bank in London. Her heart is always in the music and fashion in Tokyo and her life is balanced between her time in the UK and Japan. When she has time, she also blogs at

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  1. I feel that it’s interesting how they changed to punk. I can understand that after their hiatus they want to come out with a powerful or different image that will grab and pull fans, both new and old. When it comes to look Ling is right when he says that when it comes to looks punk is already blended into other styles of rock. I think they don’t have to worry! Through their music they will be able to express their style and feelings.

  2. ColouringNeedle
    Kim T

    Change is always interesting I’ve found. Some people won’t take it well while others will. I’ve seen change that doesn’t agree with me, but at the same time I’ve also seen things that haven’t changed in ages become boring. So I’m curious how Silver Ash has changed, but I welcome whatever comes down the road. Change can be scary, but it’s a part of discovery. Finding what works or won’t work. There’s no other way than to try.

  3. anninke

    well, the whole life is about change and where there’s no change there’s no life, so change is good, i’d say. and as music is a thing of heart and soul and hearts and souls do change, it’s inevitable too. and musicians should be able to do all the changes they wish…
    or something along those lines anyway
    (or should it have been posted here? i need my coffee…)

  4. Thorn_of_Seraphim

    I once read that “when trapped, water makes a new path.” If Silver Ash were instead the rock trapping the water (in this case their own dreams, goals, creativity, etc.), then they’d be the victims of their own limitations, but like Ling said, you can’t limit yourself.
    Change is nature. You can either attempt to deny it or embrace it. Silver Ash chose the correct path and adapted into who they are today. That is no ordinary quality in a band and should be respected by fans and non-fans alike.

  5. Nyoko

    I like the change in their music and I agree with Ling that there should be no boundaries between genres. That’s the reason why I like visual rock so much, because the music is so mixed and always open for changes and surprise. A band shouldn’t be bound to the style they started with, live is always about experimenting and change and I’m looking forward to Silver Ash’s future music.

  6. vash-chan

    Ling’s thoughts on changing Silver Ash’s music style is insightful and very understandable. An 8 year hiatus to work on new material for a comeback would definitely give you time and opportunity to explore other kinds of music genres. The newer tracks did take me by surprise as I did not expect a lot of electronic sound to be included but I certainly liked what I heard in Reborn and Pretty But Evil.

  7. littleshinshin
    littleshinshin / “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

    I think it’s wonderful that they want to change and make their own style of music. They want to move forward in their music and to do so, is to change…there is no other way around it. They want to do a world tour and grow as musicians and I think the change is just what they needed to become a bigger deal. Some people might not like it, but if that’s the way the band wants to go, who are we, as fans, to discourage them, or limit them and want them to stay the way they are. I think they are a great band together and I’m happy that they’re making a comeback.

  8. harlefant

    I was so excited when I recently heard Silver Ash would “restart” their activities in a greater scale. Following your activities since I got hold of one of your CDs almost 10 years ago I was short before reaching a point of giving up hope to hear new songs let alone to perhaps see/hear you in concert live ever. The change in musical style I think comes naturally although its quite a step from your old songs. First I was afraid, I might not like your new style after 10 years living with your “old” songs. But they make a great addition to your work and it’s only not to limit your creative potential. Furthermore I think it’s such a great idea to publish your songs in different languages to reach all your fans and to find new ones. I’ll keep my fingers crossed your new style and music will hit all the world.

  9. Juxkeki
    Juxkeki / “Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.”

    First of all I’m super happy to see Silver Ash in action again! I remember when they first started earlier in the year and I was so glad to finally hear a Chinese rock band! (I’m sure there were others, but S.A. was my first lol)

    Anyways, after being away for some time I think it’s great they changed their sound & such. To me when I first found out they were back, I was like: “Wow! They came back with a BANG!” and I look forward to everything they’ll do in the near future. 🙂 It’s like an evolution to better awesome things! Rock on!!! 😀


  10. Emilie

    Actually, I am very excited about Silver Ash’s comeback. I didn’t know about them until recently, but I now find them very interesting as a Chinese visual kei band and in the future I would love to listen to their new releases!
    I think that.. it was only natural for their music style to have changed, because you can’t stay the same forever. You must evolve and grow better–learn and experience new things. I definitely agree with Ling on ” Change is not bad thing; musicians cannot always stay in the same location and never go forward.”
    I also think that it’s cool how they are combining rock and electronic music. I find mixing genres like that to be very appealing to me.

  11. I think that it’s really great that Silver Ash has been “Reborn” into something new. They still have a bit of their old elements and style of course, yet they changed and evolved into something new as well; Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
    In my opinion, their change is for the better. They were an amazing band back in the past and now they’ve become an even more amazing band and will continue to change and grow as time goes by.
    It’s awesome that they’re aiming to be an international band that does music in three different languages as well! I’m Chinese actually, so the fact that they are probably the first and only actual Chinese visual kei band is absolutely amazing and they are a huge inspiration to me.

  12. Tian Yu

    Change is an ongoing process of any living creature, or their creation. Without change, things would become obsolete, or boring. In this sense, Silver Ash is a living creation, where it evolves as the band members and the world changes. I don’t view this as a restart, or new style, but rather, something they have evolved/changed into to suit their own desires of expression, which is what art and music really boils down to. While the music itself may sound very different from their past works, I feel that the soul of it – the message and expression – is still very much Silver Ash.

  13. Yungyan

    Thank you so much to all Silver Ash member, because of your insistent, I can heard your great songs !

    I think it is a really good chance to change their style as a new try, because music is the universal language to the world!

    Different people have different music taste; their music style just a way to show themselves to the world. More different style can reach different people’s heart, that more different style; more people can read them.

    No matter the style or language, their insistent on music is much more important than that. That’s why I LOVE Silver Ash !!!

  14. Stephanie M

    Like Ling said in the interview, change isn’t a bad thing. Musicians should always be growing and letting their experiences shape and change how they see the world, and let it show in the music they create. If no one ever changed, then we would never be given the chance to find new music to listen and love, everything would look and sound the same, and there would be nothing new to catch your interest. Silver Ash’s new sound reflects a lot about how much they’ve overcome over the years, and I hope they continue to create for us for many more years.

  15. mizuku

    I like the fact that they want to change and are not afraid to do so. I absolutely agree with Ling that musicians shouldn‘t ‘stay in the same location’ – for me, ‘to change’ means the same as ‘to develop’ or ‘to evolve’. Actually, Silver Ash has already experienced some changes in sound (we can compare their first album with later works such as ‘Never End’ or the song ‘海的女儿’(I think it was ‘hai de nu’er’).

    It’s clear that they will always have a great advantage over typical visual kei bands – the fact that they are Chinese and independent not only makes them unique and special, but also allows them to experiment more than the Japanese groups.

    Combining rock with electronic music may be quite popular now but I think they will merge these elements in their own, inimitable way. I also believe in Ling’s words that Silver Ash will never lose its spirit. In my opinion, changes show that the band really cares about their fans and wants to develop a new quality of sound just for them. Hopefully they will attract more and more people with their music!

  16. Kajsa

    I think it’s important for a band to develop and not do the same thing over and over while still being true to their roots. I feel that Silver Ash are doing just that; they are trying different things but they’re still Silver Ash at heart. I enjoy both their old style and their new. After being on hiatus I understand that it feels natural to change – since I’m sure there’s been a lot of changes in the members life!

    Keep going Silver Ash! I wish you all the luck in the future!