An Cafe Tickets for Overseas Fans, Live at Nippon Budokan!


by Fetesha Downs, posted October 5, 2009

An Cafe

An Cafe

On their official MySpace blog, An Café announced that tickets for “KING OF HARAJUKU DANCE ROCK” ~RIGHT ON NYAPPY LEGEND~ , their January 4, 2010 live event at Nippon Budokan, will be available for purchase by overseas fans. The Nippon Budokan live will be the band’s last show before they go on hiatus, which means this is definitely a concert you can’t miss. Starting mid-November, overseas fans may purchase tickets online, so you can hold off scrambling to the website just yet. The URL for overseas fans will be announced at the same time, so stay tuned.

To help out overseas fans, there will actually be five ticket options (though airfare is not included). Option A is just for those interested in the concert ticket alone. Options B through E include hotel reservations in addition to the concert ticket and break down as follows:

  • Option B: 1 night stay on January 4, 2010
  • Option C: 2 night stay on January 3-4, 2010
  • Option D: 2 night stay on January 4-5, 2010
  • Option E: 3 night stay on January 3-5, 2010

Pretty awesome, right? More information to come!

Fetesha Downs holds a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication from Marian University of Wisconsin. She has a passion for a variety of world music genres. Her other interests include designing clothing/accessories; running an American street team for Swedish rock band, SAI; reading; and meeting new people. She plans to move to Europe in a few more years and wants to continue visiting new countries.

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