BUCK-TICK 25th Anniversary Year Parading Full Steam Ahead


by Maya Kawaguchi, posted July 25, 2012

BUCK-TICK recently ended their ON PARADE TOUR 2012, marking 25 consecutive years. They toured 6 cities, each with different artists from a wide range of music genres, including high-profile visual kei bands such as D’ERLANGER, cali≠gari, MERRY and MUCC.

For those who missed out on the ON PARADE TOUR 2012, here’s a good chance to catch the action: BUCK-TICK is having a 2-day event called BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE at Chiba Port Park (special outdoor stage) with a line-up of interesting and exciting bands on September 22 and 23. This will be their second such event since 2007 making it a must-see!

The 22 features a VK feast, with Acid android, calig≠gari, BREAKERZ, MUCC, MERRY and THE LOWBROWS as well as the hosts, BUCK-TICK of course. Meanwhile, on the 23, AA=, KISHIDAN, D’ERLANGER, Pay money To my Pain, POLYSICS and N’shukugawa Boys fill the guest slots for more of a straight-rock line-up.

For more information, check on BUCK-TICK’s ON PARADE TOUR 2012 special site where you can find profiles of the bands, BUCK-TICK official ON PARADE TOUR goods, and much more!

For those ready to go deeper into the BUCK-TICK world, browse their official website for information on their upcoming album YUMEMIRU UCHUU due September 19 followed by a hall tour titled TOUR YUMEMIRU UCHUU that will kick off on October 6. They will perform in 27 locations including the final to be held at Nihon Budoukan on December 29, fittingly wrapping up a quarter of a century of BUCK-TICK..

Maya Kawaguchi is a Japanese native who grew up in California. She was introduced to VK in college and soon became fascinated by the genre and nagoya-oriented bands in particular. Since then, she has been surprised by the number of foreigners who are interested in VK and hopes to introduce this world to as many potential fans as possible.

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