DuelJewel to Create “fusion” with Kim Sehun


by Kate Havas, posted September 9, 2012

What happens when visual kei and Korean rock collide? With Hayato still on hiatus, DuelJewel has joined with vocalist Kim Sehun of the Korean rock band EVE to produce a collaboration album and a special tour.

Entitled fusion, the album is set for release on September 19 and will feature a selection of both DuelJewel and EVE hits, with the Korean songs given new arrangement by DuelJewel. As an extra international touch, EVE’s songs will be offered in Japanese, and the band has recorded Korean versions of “Voice,” “azure,” “Polaris,” and “Will ~andante~.Fusion will come in two versions, one with a DVD and the Korean version of “Voice” and the other containing the additional Korean versions of the DuelJewel songs.

The special tour will cover three dates:

DuelJewelxKim Sehun Collaboration Live “effusion”

September 27 at Nagoya ell. Fits all

September 30 at Shinsaibashi FANJ (Osaka)

October 3 at Shibuya WWW (Tokyo)

While not performing, Hayato will be joining the tour for the talk portions of the shows.

Tickets are currently on sale via Lawson ticket, e-plus, and ticket pia. Don’t miss your chance to see what is sure to be a unique and hot cross-culture collaboration.

For more details,  please see DuelJewel’s home page.

For a preview of Kim Sehun, check out this EVE pv: “Goodbye

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