Gackt on Buzznet; J-Rock Conquers YouTube


by Fetesha Downs, posted August 10, 2009



Don’t you love finding j-rock in unexpected places? Sometimes I’ll come across a small group of people who recently saw a concert and are reliving the excitement. Other times, I’ve played a few tracks for a friend from a newly opened CD or mp3 download and I’ve got them infected. It’s becoming more and more commonplace for j-rock bands to be discussed and reviewed in the USA—and at ROKKYUU, we like to call this recognition creep part of the j-rock invasion.

Consider, just a few days ago: Gackt had updated his Myspace blog and mentioned a media outlet-one I never thought would be connected to j-rock in any way whatsoever: a writer for had caught a dose of the Gackuto-san fever. The biography included highlights of a lot of his musical achievements, and even links to a few of his more well-known PVs like “Vanilla” and “Wasurenai Kara.” The site also mentions X Japan and Miyavi. I’m getting very excited about the little collection that’s starting to grow on the website.

And of course there’s always YouTube. Granted, there’ve been all sorts of j-rock on YouTube for years,  but how many Japanese record labels or artists can you name that have an official YouTube channel? Believe it or not, there are a number of them. And here is just a sample for you:

Official Artist YouTube Channels to Check Out

Each of these channels have videos ranging from PVs to behind-the-scenes clips to really random footage that doesn’t fit into any other category. It’s nice to have such good quality videos straight from the source, right? The degree to which the accounts are updated varies from channel to channel. However, the videos that are online always prove to be quite entertaining.

Where have you been finding j-rock? Let us in on the details.

Fetesha Downs holds a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication from Marian University of Wisconsin. She has a passion for a variety of world music genres. Her other interests include designing clothing/accessories; running an American street team for Swedish rock band, SAI; reading; and meeting new people. She plans to move to Europe in a few more years and wants to continue visiting new countries.

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