Co-Miyavi Worldwide International Family Welcomes Baby Girl Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara


by Leela McMullen, posted August 14, 2009

"LUV&ME", from Miyavi's Blog

"LUV&ME", from Miyavi's MySpace Blog

That’s right! Miyavi, heart-throb of the visual-kei scene, is not only a husband now, but also a father! Just what is the world coming to? According to a blog post by the brand new papa, life couldn’t be better:

thank u for ur lovely comments from such different places !!

lemme announce her name to the world here.

we hope our lil girl will become a person who is able to love and also be loved, and that’s the reason of her life and why she is born. […]

Please give her a lot of love and kisses !!

The rights to love and to be loved is not just one person’s only. On the same time, happiness is something that should be shared. We want to be a family where we can share love and happiness to everyone around us through our happiness.

Let’s start from I LOVE YOU.

Source: Miyavi’s MySpace Blog, 08/01/2009

Miyavi announced that his baby girl was born at 4:40 pm on Wednesday, July 29, after the new mother, Miyuki Melody Ishikawa, underwent twenty hours of labor. The rock star concluded his post asking the co-miyavi family to welcome its new member.

Incidentally, the Miyavi fanclub “Co-miyavi Worldwide International Family” is (obviously) planning to open its doors to overseas fans, and is essentially offering pre-registration for those who wish to be notified as soon as CWIF goes international. Miyavi has mentioned in his MySpace blog that he hopes for the “Co-miyavi Worldwide International Family” to one day host some form of cultural exchange program, so that fans from Japan and all over the world can experience a different kind of culture.

Does Miyavi plan to add more members to his own family soon? We don’t have the story on that, but we welcome the arrival of his one baby girl thus far. Miyavi and melody.’s daughter has been named Lovelie, which comes from the Japanese characters 愛 (ai) for love and 理 (ri) for reason, which Miyavi translates as “Reason for Love.” Her full name is Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara.

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