“To the Future” hide MUSEUM 2013 at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza


by chi.yow, posted July 8, 2013

Of all the projects announced as a part of “hide ROCKET DIVE 2013-14” planned in celebration of the 20th anniversary of hide’s solo works and the 50th anniversary of the legendary musician’s birth, the reopening of a new hide museum exhibit during the summer of 2013 has easily been one of the most anticipated within the visual kei world. It has been eight years since the closing of the original hide museum that was located in Yokosuka, and 15 years since the passing of hide. Despite this passage of time, hide still influences the current music scene, as many artists continue to list him among their inspirations for joining the music industry.

On June 27, a special press conference for the media and industry guests was held to promote the opening of the hide MUSEUM 2013 DiverCity Tokyo location that would happen the following Saturday. The ever-charismatic Shoji Noriko, affectionately known as Nori-P within the visual kei network, served as the moderator for this event.

The theme of the new exhibits was explained as “Following the road to a departure to the future,” with hide himself serving as captain of the “spaceship” known as hide MUSEUM that will journey between Tokyo and Osaka. “How would this be possible?” one may think, considering the circumstances, but this detail was promised to be revealed later in the day. There was a strong desire to be able to showcase the renewed hide museum to more fans than the previous had been able to reach, especially in celebration of the coinciding anniversaries. When DiverCity and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN were decided, the organizers believed that they had picked the best locations for these new exhibits because of their statuses as popular attraction sites.

The DiverCity complex will not only host the museum containing exhibits like those of the previous hide MUSEUM—costumes, guitars, and samples of his music sheets with his handwriting—but also a newly commissioned trailer truck designed by world-renowned designer Luigi Colani that carries the signature hide motif of red hearts on a yellow background. Furthermore, food collaborations are available such as the special LEMONed I Scream crepe from Tokyo Crepe Girl and other original food items from Kimukatsutei and Hitoguchigyoza Senmonten Akasaka Chibisuke restaurants in the Tokyo DiverCity food court. Special décor within the food court itself and at the entrance from the Festival Plaza have also been added while the Tokyo site is open.

Following talk of the history of the original hide museum and creation of the new one came a ground-breaking ceremony that was carried out by a priest invited from the Oosugi Shrine. There was a solemn and peaceful atmosphere as the priest performed a series of rites originating from Shinto customs in order to pacify the site deity as well as to give blessings of success to the new hide museum.

After the ceremony was finished, guest speakers model Angelica Michibata, comedian duo TKO, and the Pink Panther from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN were welcomed onto the stage for the revelation of the REAL HUMAN DOLL that had been mentioned throughout the day. As the curtain was taken down with “ROCKET DIVE” playing through the speakers, gasps of surprise and amazement sounded throughout the crowd. “It looks so real!” “hide-san, it’s been a long time! Nice to see you again!” “Are you really back?” Such were the comments made in disbelief of the high quality and “realness” of the full-scale replica of hide, dressed in his blue and pink plaid suit with signature yellow-hearts guitar. It was almost as if hide had returned to lead the museum to a new future as the guests gave their sentiments to the REAL HUMAN DOLL, wishing for the new museum to be a huge success. This would actually be one of 200 figures found within the walls of hide MUSEUM 2013.

Much to the surprise of the onstage guests, designer Amal Guessous also made a short appearance near the end of the event. This was not a completely random visit since his rock & roll couture brand A&G had participated in the ongoing series of collaboration projects to design a cap as well as a few pieces of jewelry that would be available for purchase later.

hide MUSEUM 2013 is open in the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza from June 29 until July 28, and will open at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN in Osaka from August 7 until September 8! If you’re nearby… or even if you have to go out of your way to visit the attraction, this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience first-hand the culture that hide left behind is sure to be worth it!

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