V-Rock Fest 09 x ROKKYUU, Plus How To Tune In Online!


by Fetesha Downs, posted October 21, 2009



Coming up this Saturday and Sunday is V-Rock Festival 2009, the world’s first summit of Visual Rock bands from Japan and beyond! Performing at the festival are over fifty bands on four stages, ranging from indies bands like heidi. and Matenrou Opera to big name visual kei artists Moi dix Mois and The GazettE. Headlining the show is Marilyn Manson, who will be performing on Saturday night.

ROKKYUU Magazine will be covering V-Rock Festival all weekend with reporters on the ground at Makuhari Messe. We’ll be liveblogging the show and posting news and photos all weekend! Join us on Twitter (@rokkyuumagazine) and our Facebook Fan Page starting Friday night at 9pm EST (5pm PST) while we count down the last few hours to the show, and let’s get #vrockfest09 trending! Be sure to tune into the planned simulcast on the V-Rock Festival Official Website, where several of the acts at the concert festival will be broadcast live worldwide!

Need help tuning in online? We’ve got you covered. You must be using a PC and Internet Explorer (sadly) to view the online broadcast!

  1. Go to V-Rock Festival’s Website for the online broadcast.
  2. Click on the box that reads “同意してダウンロード” (Agree and Download) to agree to the Terms of Service and download the plugin.
  3. Click save to allow the file setup.exe to download.
  4. Run the file. Once the message “Plugin Install Sucessfully” pops up, you’re good to go.
  5. To test and make sure the plugin installed properly, go to the test page. If you’re able to view the commercial, you’ll be all set this weekend!

Fetesha Downs holds a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication from Marian University of Wisconsin. She has a passion for a variety of world music genres. Her other interests include designing clothing/accessories; running an American street team for Swedish rock band, SAI; reading; and meeting new people. She plans to move to Europe in a few more years and wants to continue visiting new countries.

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