YUKI of Mix Speaker’s, Inc.,/Yumehito&Intetsu of AYABIE…


by Leela McMullen, posted December 10, 2013

In a follow up from the news of A(Ace)’s final concert and Mayu’s break drom DaizyStripper, two more announcements have come to light from Mix Speaker’s, Inc. and AYABIE.

From Mix Speaker’s, Inc., it has been announced that vocalist YUKI will be leaving the band after their April 19 oneman entitled, Tengoku he no Kaidan~rest in peace~. The show will take place at Akasaka BLITZ and in addition to marking YUKI’s last show with the band, it will conclude Mix Speaker’s, Inc.’s Heaven/Hell saga.


Additionally, vocalist Yumehito and bassist Intetsu of AYABIE have announced their intentions to leave the band after their Ikebukuro EDGE performance on December 31.

The year is concluding with a run of sad announcements but the bands are all hoping for your continued support. 2014 will be a time of emotional farewells but perhaps it will also bear some new beginnings. Only time will tell.

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