-amber gris- oneman tour 2015 final “fall down the moment”

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by chi.yow, Maya Kawaguchi, posted April 19, 2015

Six days prior to the live, the band had posted a message on their official news blog which stated: “An announcement will be made on February 8th at Shinjuku Blaze.” For frannies (fans) the words may have been to prepare them for what was to come on the day, foreshadowing an unfortunate turn of events.

The curtains opened along with the whimsical music, revealing dim blue lights faintly coloring the stage. The members appeared on stage as the lights gradually brightened to envelope the venue. The live started with 3 songs from their December 2014 release.  From drummer rami’s pacing drums in “different of stain”, the melancholic and rhythmic “Circus ga tsurete yuku” to the tempting “Fuzoroi no cutlery” the band revealed their recent palette of songs. After a brief welcome emcee given by vocalist temari following the 3 songs, they resumed with well-known classics.

The gentle breeze of “Umikaze to ame to saigo no tegami” created a calm atmosphere with a soothing melody which ended in wayne’s chorus.  Following was the vibrant “sinker .”, which provided an interesting contrast to “Rogii” during which temari’s playful gestures could be seen during the mid-tempo song. 

As the venue lights dimmed for a brief break, a round of applause was given, scattering as the band readied for the next song. With an acoustic guitar in hand, guitarist kaname gently fingered the melody for the wistful “the sad things”.  The twin guitars presented a gentle yet appealing tone which kept the audience in respectful silence throughout the song. Rami’s rhythmic drum signaled for fans to start clapping along to the beat for “Kashikoki gusha no tenmatsu.” The nostalgic rock tune gradually built up energy in the venue, laying a firm foundation for the next, “alone≠” that accelerated the show forward as hundreds of fists shot up into the air.

The brief emcee by temari served to energize the venue, his words readying the floor for the next four racing and aggressive numbers in the night’s line-up. From the rhythmic “Sweet blood pool” to the jazzy “Tiny spider”, the venue became heated up as fans jumped and clapped along. The energy carried over to “hummingbard’s” and “Grand Guignol” as the members fired up the audience as concert participants of both the stage and the floor thrashed their heads about aggressively. In midst of the storming numbers, the member’s faces lit up with grins, which left impressions on those who caught sight of them as the main set led its way to the last three songs.

The ballad “feel me” cooled down the venue as the song gently wrapped the venue in its calming melody. Though the tone of the music was soft and warm, the song created a layer of fragility within the suddenly serious atmosphere of the darkened venue. The main set wrapped up with “the Oath” and “from mouth,each instrumental and vocal note delivered leaving a strong impression that lasted after the band departed the stage.

The encore started with temari introducing the first song in a somber manner. “In amber gris’s history, it may be one of the older songs but this has always been one that I have treasured in my thoughts, as well as in connection with anger and the pursuit of music, and it continues to be so. So I would like all of you to listen to this song, which I feel amber gris has always delivered with our honest feelings. “over flow girl’s sick”.”  The follow-up song was “this cloudy” that had fans pumping their fists in the air to the up-tempo number as the band emitted an energetic vibe from the stage for an additional spark to the live. The final song “Me”, wrapped up the live on a profound finishing note that earned the band a shower of applause as the music faded.

The live ended in a serious note with a word from temari. “We have woven a number of series of moments in our songs and lives. We have also carefully portrayed happiness, sorrow, and enmity as well as the environment, people, and scenery that surround those feelings. Also, as I mentioned at some point, we always wished to end our story with a beautiful ending. That is why today, there is something we need to share. With the one-man on May 27, amber gris will disband. The place will be Akasaka Blitz, and this will be the final chapter to complete the story of amber gris. We hope to finish the story with a beautiful ending and wish from bottom of our hearts for many people to witness our last chapter. Thank you for coming. See you at Akasaka Blitz on May 27th.” As the members quietly left the stage, only the mournful cries of fans could be heard in the dim venue as the weight of the news hit them.

The countdown to their final resting place at Akasaka Blitz has already begun. From May 5, amber gris will be heading for their final one-man tour to complete their story that the five members wove together over a course of six years.



  1. different of stain
  2. Circus ga tsurete yuku
  3. Fuzoroi no cutlery
  4. Umikaze to ame to saigo no tegami
  5. sinker.
  6. Rogii
  7. the sad things
  8. Kashikoki gusha no tenmatsu
  9. alone≠
  10. Sweet blood pool
  11. Tiny spider
  12. hummingbard’s
  13. Grand Guignol
  14. feel me
  15. the Oath
  16. from mouth


  1. over flow girl’s sick
  2. this cloudy
  3. Me

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