DaizyStripper’s Rocking Nagoya Stop for TRAGUS

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by chi.yow, posted August 29, 2014

Constantly keeping busy, DaizyStripper took over Nagoya Electric Lady Land (E.L.L.) on July 21 for their album release tour, TRAGUS TOUR, that included various stops before concluding in Tokyo’s Akasaka BLITZ on August 30. Yugiri (vocals), Nao (guitar), Rei (bass), and Kazami (drums) are certainly not strangers to demanding live schedules, or to Nagoya. The blazing heat of summer did nothing to deter the enthusiasm of both participants and band members as the action-packed set had everyone almost constantly in motion—whether occupied with vigorous headbanging, fist pumping, or dancing along to the catchy music.

The quartet took to the stage with absolute confidence and intensity as they presented a number of new tunes with older ones mixed in. They started out with the neck-wrenching “G.Z.S.K.K.” followed up immediately with heavy and demanding songs like “LIVE or DIE,” “Risou,” and “Mannequin.” However, the audience was given a brief—if tear-inducing—break as Yugiri and Kazami performed a special version of “Zetsubou no Freesia,” the piano notes blending elegantly with the vocalist’s sweet voice as the piece resonated throughout the space.

After that, it was back to business with numbers like “Majime Complex”—although Yugiri sang a few snatches from Frozen’s infamous “Let It Go” while waiting for his bandmates to get re-situated. After the new song came the cover “Mousou Nikki.” A bluesy “QUALTIER LATIN” saw Yugiri brandishing a tambourine as he sang, showing off his playful side at moments as he smacked Rei with a cheeky grin. “BLACK DROPPer” was nearly a crowd finisher as the band drew the demanding song out for a small riot that required a great amount of endurance if one chose to participate in the multiple stage rushes initiated by the band members.

Despite the evident attempts to shorten their lives, the audienc enthusiastically called DaizyStripper out for an encore performance that concluded the show with another fan favorite: “decade.” While Nagoya was only roughly halfway into the tour, the band continue to pull out all stops and put their all into every show performed, leaving behind a wake of exhausted but content fans as they traveled through the country on their way to the August 30, Akasaka BLITZ final.

Set list

  1. SE ~EMBLEM of JAIL~
  2. G.Z.S.K.K.
  3. LIVE or DIE
  4. Tsumi na Batsu
  5. Risou
  6. Mannequin
  8. Uso to Kagerou
  10. Zetsubou no Freesia (piano and vocals version)
  11. Majime Complex
  12. PRIDE
  13. Mousou Nikki
  17. Kyun Neko Kami


  1. Shooting Star
  3. decade

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