exist trace @ Stormrider Tour Final – Photo Report

Photo Report

by Leela McMullen, Joana, posted December 2, 2014

It’s been a busy, busy year for VK’s signature girl rockers, exist†trace. While holding 7 oneman shows in 7 months, the band also headed out on a joint tour with female-fronted rock band, Take ambulance. The power and exuberance of the two bands was showcased in a final event at Shinjuku Antiknock on November 3.

Gearing up for their final oneman of the year at Tsutaya O-West in Shibuya, exist†trace performed a set full of songs from their 2014 album, World Maker. “Diamond” and “Imagination” kicked things off in high gear, picking up the grind and heat left behind by Take Ambulance and showing off the same attributes found in  exist†trace’s own music.

The venue was a hotbox but Jyo’s warning that it was only going to get hotter was met with full support as the crowd shouted sheer enthusiasm. The strong melody, moving harmony, and impassioned lyrics of “WORLD MAKER” firmly inducted any newcomers into exist†trace’s world. Omi glowed with pride throughout the positive number. “Let’s dance together!” invited Jyo, setting off the intense “Antique Doll” as she and miko searched for anyone playing “hide and seek” among the crowd as the lyrics suggested. A rocking drum solo from Mally and some wicked guitar riffs offset with an exciting chorus and active bass gave the song a real kick.

“Talking is not Jyo’s strong point,” the vocalist joked about herself after a stumble but recovered admirably to say, “We’ve done some painfully cool songs lately but now we want to get even cooler. Do you guys know ‘Awakening‘ by Take ambulance?” The cover gave Jyo a chance to show off her grittiest death voice before blasting out a high chorus. Next up, it was time for a violent number of exist†trace’s own making with “Rave.” Bashing her cymbals hard enough to dent, Mally sported a huge grin while Jyo kept churning out wicked growls. Finally, “VOICE” brought Naoto and Omi up alongside miko and Jyo, showing a united front across the lip of the stage. The powerful number proposed a strong ending and almost demanded an encore which resulted in a fun, free session of B’z “Ultra Soul” by exist†trace and Take ambulance.

Just around the corner on December 14, exist†trace will put on their biggest extravaganza of 2014 at Tsutaya O-West. Don’t miss these girls in action as they showcase the results of their monumental efforts throughout 2014!

Set list

  1. Diamond
  2. Imagination
  4. Antique Doll
  5. Awakening (Take ambulance cover)
  6. Raze
  7. VOICE

Leela McMullen is a strong believer in the philosophy "no music, no life." Having traversed the range of Japanese fandoms, she found her home at last in visual kei and has made it her mission to share what she loves most with the world. Leela completed her B.A. in Japanese language from Griffith University in Gold Coast Australia. She now lives and works in Japan, striving to bring you the goods, hot from the scene. Follow her on twitter for juicy hints of upcoming articles if you've got a bit of Japanese language under your belt! http://twitter.com/#!/LeelaInTokyo

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  1. farthingale
    farthingale / Shot to the Limit...

    Brilliant review! I’m so excited to read that there are new, growl-heavy songs! Is there any chance of seeing some of those amazing photos in singular, non-collage form?

    • farthingale
      farthingale / Shot to the Limit...

      Oh, I see what happened, it was “Raze” but you wrote “Rave” in the article by accident, and I assumed it was a new song. I would love to hear that TakAmbu cover though!!