exist†trace’s Gekijou Spiral Monthly Oneman: July

Photo Report

by Dilani Arulanandam, Joana, posted September 1, 2014

Cave be, a small underground livehouse just off Shimokitazawa Station, was home to the July 19 show of exist†trace’s exuberant monthly onemans. Drummer Mally was followed by vocalist Jyou bearing a flag, then bassist Naoto, then cheery guitarist/vocalist Miko, and lead guitarist Omi. They stood with their backs to the audience then turned to face them as Jyou addressed the audience before plunging into the first piece of the evening. While Jyou was decked out in a dazzling white blazer, Miko, deemed herself “pastel-Miko,” clad in an adorable outfit which she claimed was based on model Kimura Yuu.  This was just one example of the girls’ fun and fabulous costuming experimentations throughout the monthly series, but certainly worth viewing.


The atmosphere was light. The music addressed the sweltering heat outside and the peace of a Summer evening while bursts of light accentuated the happiness and nostalgia of the music. It was incredibly uplifting, leaving the audience swaying gently, clutching their chests. Each piece launched into the next; some tones soared, some plummeted, sometimes Miko’s more feminine vocals intertwined with Jyou’s powerful voice in harmonic perfection causing the audience to close their eyes and listen, while some beats rocked the house and reverberated off the walls to make everybody’s heart beat faster. The audience clapped along while swaying rhythmically and moving ever-closer to the stage.

The members took turns coming forward to engage with their fans. Miko thanked the fans for the power they brought with them and encouraged them to come again for every consecutive live and bring everybody they knew. Drummer Mally stood, flexing her muscles like a bodybuilder and grinning away. Even Naoto addressed the crowd in her monotone, causing the audience to erupt with surprise and glee. Omi opted to write her feelings on a piece of paper in the form of calligraphy, holding up the kanji for shin no kokoro, insisting that people do not always reveal their true feelings and that those who hid those feelings away from the world were the kinds that turned up to their concerts. When Jyou took over, she announced that their new album World Maker would be scheduled for release on September 24, to be composed entirely of new songs. The fans were utterly delighted and their further reward was a taster in the form of one of the new tracks, “Imagination.”  The announcement of a conclusion to the Gekijou Spiral oneman series to be held at Shibuya O-West on December 14 exactly two years from their last O-West performance was the final boon.

After the wonderful news, exist†trace ploughed on with their music, flitting from one catchy beat to the next and filling the audience with hope. One last uplifting roar signaled the end of July’s show on a note that could not have been more unified and joyous. “Bye everyone! We will see you next month! Please look forward to our album release!” Jyou shouted in conclusion and promise.

Set list

  1. (New Song)
  2. Diamond
  3. Spiral Taisakusen
  4. Kuchibiru
  6. KNIFE
  7. Daybreak ~13 Gatsu no Shikisai~
  8. be Naked
  9. Keiyaku
  10. Lost in Helix
  11. HONEY
  12. Sigal
  13. Antique Doll
  14. TRUE
  15. RAZE
  16. VOICE (New song)


  1. Imagination (New song)
  2. Orurean no Shoujo
  3. Owari no nai Sekai


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Dilani Arulanandam is a strange creature from Sydney, Australia with a passion for the weird and wonderful of Japan, especially visual kei, hybrid fashion, and Kabuki. After being seduced into the visual-kei world, she now juggles a double life as a Psychology/Japanese student at the University of Sydney and as an avid reader, writer, and connoisseur of visual kei music.

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