Feb 2, LIHPLICH Production with amber gris & Hollowgram

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by Leela McMullen, Yuliya Libkina, posted October 21, 2014

amber gris

Called upon by LIPHLICH to share the stage at Akasaka BLITZ on February 2, 2014, amber gris proved themselves to be a band who glide between two strong images; that of the hauntingly beautiful and ethereal amber gris, and that of the wild, ecstatic, and more feral amber gris.

temari was a bundle of energy, jumping and dancing about to the lighter, more upbeat parts of the set. In these, there was a soft and hearty tone to the band’s performance, evoking fairytale imagery of royalty and adventure. In the heavier numbers, the crowd responded to temari’s urging with enthusiastic headbanging and flying fists.

For their first time on a big stage like that of BLITZ, the band chose a good variety of their repertoire and their closing number “for crying out loud” exhibited the strength and passion of the band, finishing up on a proud note, paving the way for the bands to come.

Set list

  1. this cloudy
  2. love in the first.
  3. Grand Guignol
  4. Looking all the pain.
  5. for crying out loud


With a lineup of members each bringing their own distinct history to the band, Hollowgram does not feel like a group that had formed only a month before performing alongside LIPHLICH at Akasaka BLITZ. In fact, the inherent cohesion they exhibit would fool anyone into thinking they had years of experience in playing together.

The peak of Hollowgram’s set was a series of upbeat numbers ripe with shouts and rip-roaring rhythms but the band also made their mark on the crowd in numbers teeming with heart such as their closing ballad—an ode to the winter season.

As easy as it was to be sucked into the band’s aura, shouts for vocalist Ryo resounded in quiet moments in a display of the crowd’s relief to have the ex-9GOATS BLACK OUT vocalist standing before them onstage once more. At the heart of the project, Ryo’s stage presence completes this band in a way that no month-old group should be capable of claiming. Hollowgram are likely to rise swiftly and surely in the coming months.

Set list

  1. ideologue
  2. Butterfly in her dreams
  3. Stand the devil’s like
  4. Pleasance Liddell
  5. Don’t cry for the knell
  6. mistletoe


You just never know what’s coming with LIPHLICH and the event they held at Akasaka BLITZ did not disappoint, giving birth to a plethora of stunned grins. The band certainly know how to host an event and the performances of amber gris, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Mejibray, (the very special appearance of YUKIYA’s disbanded) JILS, and Hollowgram all complimented LIPHLICH’s free and unique style and amply set the scene for a grand headlining act.

After their brief visit to the stage to showboat, pose, and generally impress themselves upon the crowd before letting amber gris have the stage, the band transformed themselves for their headliner appearance.

The curtain rose upon the scene of a mock boxing ring with a showgirl in a cartoonish bear’s head toting a sign “uppercut from geek Final Round” while cheerleaders stood by for the raucous opening number “Hooray! Hooray!” full with nods to Queen, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and more. The band spared no expense, welcoming in addition to the harem of cheerleader/dancers a live keyboardist for “My Name Was.”

Keeping the crowd well in hand with their best hits including the molten “Inbi,” LIPHLICH’s promised “uppercut” came with Kuga’s passionately repetitive emcee. Over and over again, to every quadrant of the crowd, to staff, to guests, to family, friends, and everyone they have ever met, Kuga vowed that LIPHLICH would never disband under any circumstances, ever. “LIPHLICH will never, ever disband. That is our finishing uppercut,” he concluded. A bold statement for a bold show.

To finish off the night, the band performed an encore of “Gloria Bamboo” with their dancers parading across the stage once more in an uproar of coy sexuality.

Set list

  2. My Name Was
  3. Nagusame ni BET
  4. Inbi


  1. Gloria Bamboo

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