FEST VAINQUEUR’s Festival of Youth at Shinsaibashi FANJ TWICE

Photo Report

by chi.yow, posted May 21, 2014

With April signaling the return of students to school, FEST VAINQUEUR decided to hold their own “youth festival” in the midst of their Osaka-dedicated oneman tour. They gathered fans to Shinsaibashi’s FANJ TWICE for this special event on the evening of April 13. Dressed in school uniforms—to the delight of attendees, many of whom also arrived in sailor-themed uniforms—FEST VAINQUEUR entertained the crowd with many live favorites, as befitting this fun-loving band.

A brief “role call” complete with school bell tone signaled the beginning of the show with band members gathering together for a spirited cheer before taking up their instruments and positions. Opening with a series of popular covers like SIAM SHADE’s  “1/3 no Junjou na Kanojo,” GLAY’s “Kanojou no ‘Modern…’,” and Go Hiromi’s groovy “GOLDFINGER ‘99,” FEST VAINQUEUR got the night started with a bang—the energy continuing to carry on through a set laden with choreography and active headbanging songs like  “INVISIBLE” and “Evil Disco ~somnambulism~.” However, the band allowed for some rest during calmer songs like “GIFT” and “Kiseki no Tsubasa” before kicking it back into high gear with numbers like PENICILLIN’s “Romance” and “Σ-sigma-“ before finishing the main set with the popular “NANIWA SAMBA.”

The encore brought a giggle-inducing surprise as KAZI reappeared in a female school uniform to dance to a popular, classic idol song—only to be reprimanded and teased by HIRO and GAKU after he was finished. Fortunately, the drummer did not take their harsh words to heart, faking a sobbing dash backstage in order to change back to the regular uniform as HIRO introduced the tour merchandise to fans.

The night was filled with smiles for all as fans showed their dedication by participating to the fullest extent, whether through execution of the choreography or by singing along when prompted by HAL. The band, in turn, displayed their spirit through their instruments and voices to make the night unforgettable for everyone present.


  1. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanojo (SIAM SHADE cover)
  2. Kanojou no “Modern…” (GLAY cover)
  3. GOLDFINGER ’99 (Go Hiromi cover)
  4. Atsuki Juusei no You ni
  5. Invisible
  6. Evil Disco~somnambulism~
  7. GIFT
  8. Kiseki no Tsubasa
  9. In Motion (hide cover)
  12. Σ-sigma-


  1. Renai Revolution 21 (KAZI sailor uniform dance session)
  2. FLAG
  3. Genkidaiteki Giwaku Toshi “DOUBT!!”
  4. Natsuzora hanabi

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