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by Leela McMullen, posted August 15, 2014

Having been busy touring with event lives throughout Japan during 2014, LOST ASH put on a very special event on August 3 at Shibuya REX, almost six months since their last solo performance. The theme: everyone comes dressed in yukata! Of course, Daiki (Vo), Show (Gu), Sai (Ba) and Dye (Dr) also sported the traditional Japanese summer-wear. The band’s [SUMMER PARTY] is nearly an annual celebration and was only substituted the previous year for a Halloween event. As usual, this year’s [SUMMER PARTY] was not your average live performance.

Upon entering the venue, every guest was greeted by the four band members personally and had the chance to take a picture with all of them. Meanwhile, the event itself started out with a talk session and a “live version” of [Sai’s Kitchen]—a part of their bimonthly online live program [LOST ASH TV]—which had the members try out various outrageous toppings for the usually syrup-topped shaved ice treat so popular in Japan. After that, a round of Bingo! determined five lucky winners who would be invited backstage after the show, concluding the exciting and unorthodox pre-concert portion of the night.

Of course, such an event could only start with LOST ASH’s single “SUMMER” from 2012, which had the audience swinging their paper fans to its upbeat rhythm to thoroughly set the mood for the event. Yet, LOST ASH’s summer events have always been special in the way that fans can hear songs they wouldn’t usually hear at a “normal” live. For the first time in a long while, the band performed their version of DSHADE’s “ENDLESS LOVE” amidst the set and—for the first time ever—the bonus track “DEEP XXXX” from their most recent single MESSAGE was performed live by only Daiki and Show during the encore. Guitarist Show, whose birthday had been a few days prior to the gig, was also celebrated with a surprise cake and he admitted that—this time—he had had no clue that something had been prepared for him. Maximizing their time onstage for this unique event, the band took their time to joke and tease each other while sharing their impressions of summer with the audience.

As usual, events like these end way too fast and not only the fans, but also the band, were reluctant to let it end at all. The calls for more songs did not stop after the main set and neither after the encore, so the band appeared once again onstage. With another rendition of “SUMMER,” they came full circle to close the event and were sure to leave a memorable impression of the event in their fans’ hearts.

Set List

  3. Remain ~Ai no Kakera~
  4. KEEP ON
  6. twilight
  7. ID
  9. MASK
  10. EGOIST
  11. Deadly444

Encore 1

  2. Gimme a break!
  4. Avalanche

Encore 2


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