Photo Report – METEOROID @ Shibuya O-West, September 17th 2014

Photo Report

by Laura Cooper, posted October 6, 2014

We first met METEOROID back in January of 2014 when they  opened up for the Visulog 3rd Anniversary show at Shibuya’s O-East.  8 months later, and after a “meteoric” rise in their popularity, the band took over the neighbouring O-West for their Gemini Tour Final one man show.  The show was not only the end of the tour but was also something of a swan song for the band’s human-genki machine guitarist Yutori, who had announced his departure from the band only a few weeks before.

The band took full advantage of having the venue to themselves for the evening and put on a show which demonstrated a huge change from the one they performed in January.  Catchy songs abounded and the stage presence from the members of the band came across as much more self-assured than before.  There was also plenty of time for mischief on stage with Yutori taking a moment to nibble on Ral’s exposed stomach, kiss Machi, and chuck himself around on the floor in a guitar frenzy.

The band played their final show as a 5-piece at the small and sweaty Kichijoji Shuffle on September 27th, when Yutori and Machi celebrated their birthdays together.  What was clear during that show and the Shibuya show is that the band seem to retain their fondness for each other despite the upheaval losing a member may cause.

In the short time since then though, the band have reinvented their name and image, changing the styling of their name from METEROID to MeteoroiD and have updated their website to reveal Victorian mourning-style inspired costuming which completely does away with their trademark emereld-green getups…save for their creepy pet doll in a cage.

MeteoroiD will be back out on the road in October, and will be holding a group event at Takadanobaba’s AREA on November 21st entitled “Sokubaku’ ~The cage’s flowers among the dead sal tree blossoms.”  We’re looking forward to seeing their new direction.

Set list

  1. Eden no Sono
  4. Dracula
  5. Ibarahime
  6. Pledge
  7. New song
  10. ice world
  12. DIVER

Encore 1

  1. desperado
  2. Mr.famous
  3. Kono Ai wo Tebanaseba Jiyuu Darou

Encore 2

  1. Little Boy
  2. DIVER

Laura Cooper started photographing rock and jazz bands at university. While completing a degree in English Literature, she was literary co-editor of the York University arts magazine and held poetry soirees with comedy jazz bands. Laura wrote for the now defunct UK Goth magazine Meltdown, as well as edited for an occult/spiritual website while she lived in York and London. She disappeared into the mountainous depths of Japan in 2006 and is now based in Tokyo, capturing rock bands in action.

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