Photo Report: sForzato @ Takadanobaba AREA, November 27th 2013

Photo Report

by Laura Cooper, posted February 15, 2014

When ROKKYUU caught up with sForzato for an interview, we also took some shots of their set that night, when they opened before Astrid Crown and the Elite Survey Corps session we covered last year.

Check out some highlights of the show below.

Laura Cooper started photographing rock and jazz bands at university. While completing a degree in English Literature, she was literary co-editor of the York University arts magazine and held poetry soirees with comedy jazz bands. Laura wrote for the now defunct UK Goth magazine Meltdown, as well as edited for an occult/spiritual website while she lived in York and London. She disappeared into the mountainous depths of Japan in 2006 and is now based in Tokyo, capturing rock bands in action.

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