Photo Report: TMH4N’S “EARNEST GAMES -Advent Genius-“

Photo Report

by Chika Yoshizawa, Mio Nagasaki, posted August 10, 2014

Five-month consecutive oneman lives by THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S were held at TSUTAYA O-WEST from January to May in 2014. The members prepared various concepts for each show and the third of these coincided with TSUKASA’s birthday. Despite the special occasion, the band proceeded with the main set in their usual, cool fashion, and the fans were as excited as the members which came across through the vibrant response and the intense staging.

The first appearance for the encore was TSUKASA, the birthday boy himself, and he showed up wearing a kimono which he wore to sing a few enka songs. The drummer-turned enka singer kept the crowd thoroughly entertained the crowd as if to give them his own present in return to their celebrating his birthday. ZERO had a proper, surprise present for him, though. It was a voice message from TSUKASA’s father in encouragement of his newly announced solo enka project!

ZERO confessed that he had experienced a communication problem with TSUKASA’s father due to the man’s strong Tohoku dialect and intonation. This comment earned plenty of laughter from the crowd before the show picked up with a final run of energetic songs to finish the night on a high.

VK Exclusive

There are 29 photos in this visual kei exclusive.

Chika has been interested in visual kei music since VK bands first began holding free lives the Hokoten area in Harajuku. She was too young to go watch them back then in the early 90s, but the scenes on TV caught her eye. Since then, she has loved the passion of VK music and, of course, music in general. She majored in English literature in Japan and learned to speak English in the UK. After graduating from university, she has worked for both American and Japanese companies in IT and as a translator and continues various translations today.

Mio Nagasaki is a freelance photographer lending her time, skills, and love for the genre to ROKKYUU Magazine.

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