XENON Conclude ‘SHIKIBU’ tour at Osaka MUSE

Photo Report

by chi.yow, posted July 4, 2014

During the spring, XENON organized a five-stop event live tour across Japan titled Panorama Kyokou XENON Presents 6th Single ‘SHIKIBU’ Release Kinen Shusai Tour. It was tied in with the late April release of their newest single ‘SHIKIBU.’ The final show was held at Osaka MUSE with guest bands BIOSPHIA, Crimson Shiva, ONENESS, Shellmy, Ecthelion, and Mekakusi entertaining the crowd in a variety of styles before XENON finally took the stage.

The crowd cheered encouragingly as each member sauntered onto the stage, Kurono (drums) stepping out first, followed by Tetsuya (bass) and Aki (guitar) before Leo (vocals) came wearing a kitsune (fox) mask playfully covering his face until it came time to start the show.

The band opened with “SHIKIBU,” the title track easily getting the crowd worked up for the energetic set that included show staples like “Ms. Scythe” and “PLANETALIA” that had dedicated fans launching themselves all about the venue floor in headbanging frenzies and mad dances, as well as other recently released songs like the catchy “Juliet” and “CatWalk.”

With their first full album in the works as well as the accompanying tour, XENON continues to deliver their energy to fans around the country.

Set list

  2. Ms. Scythe
  3. Juliet
  5. nano
  6. CatWalk
  7. mira
  8. Black Maria


  1. Pluto
  2. NeXtia

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